The Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR-ISAC) aims at an integrated scientific understanding of the atmosphere, the ocean and their processes, by means of a multidisciplinary approach which combines scientific and technological skills in meteorology, climate, atmospheric dynamics and composition, Earth observations; it develops basic research, theoretical, experimental and numerical, and modeling work together with impact evaluation.
ISAC is the largest CNR Institute on atmospheric sciences, structured in 7 Units over the country, 7 permanent observatories, including 2 Global Stations of the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) program of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and 2 atmospheric research Supersites.
ISAC is recognised internationally through its collaboration with a large number of European laboratories, and research centers worldwide.

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Silvio Davolio, Cnr-Isac, interviewed on the upcoming December decrease in temperature.  "Unomattina" - RAI 1, December 7, 2018

Listen to the podcast   -  italian

Interactive exhibition at the headquarters of the CNR, with the theme on the oceans. Isac's intervention. Rome, 22 November - 20 December 2018

“O. Vittori” Observatory - Mt. Cimone

The atmospheric observatory “O. Vittori”, managed by the ISAC-CNR and part of the WMO/GAW global station Mt. Cimone (2165m a.s.l.), obtained the ICOS “label” for the measurements of greenhouse gases (CO2 e CH4).

ISAC scientists among the players identified to design a new sustainable mobility model for the metropolitan area of Rome. Campidoglio, December 3, 2018