The beautiful Landscape: the mountains and mountain pastures festival

On Friday April 5th, CNR-ISAC will present the educational activities of “the Path of Atmosphere” at Monte Cimone, in the framework of "The beautiful landscape" a three-day event dedicated to the first edition of the International Forum on landscape and territorial marketing (April 5th) and the Mountain Festival (April 6th and 7th).

The event, organized by FICO Foundation, together with FICO Eataly World, is divided into two main moments:

World Meteorological Day 2019

The Italian Association of Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology (AISAM), in collaboration with the University of Rome “Sapienza”, the National Research Council and the Italian Air Force, organizes on March 23 in Rome an event to celebrate the 2019 World Meteorological Day occurring every year on the anniversary of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) foundation. More details on the World Meteorological Day can be found here:

Meteorology and Physical Oceanography - II level Master

The call is open (deadline: December 15, 2018) for admission to the II level Master in " Meteorology and Physical Oceanography"
at the University of Salento and the Parthenope University.
The training path fully falls within those defined by the World Meteorological Organization (OMM / WMO) for the basic training of the meteorologist. Students will be able to attend the courses in two classrooms, in electronic connection between them, in Lecce and Naples; alternatively, they can attend the courses offline or in streaming.