Environmental climate observatory PON I-AMICA - Capo Granitola

Person in charge: 

The CNR-ISAC Environmental climate observatory of Capo Granitola is located at the Torretta Granitola coastal site (12 km from Mazzara del Vallo and 65 km south-east from Marettimo), within the CNR -IAMC campus. At this Observatory, well representative of the western Sicily/central Mediterranean basin conditions, continuous (24/24 and 7/7) atmospheric composition measurements are carried out. The Observatory, realized within I-AMICA PON Project, is located at the coast-line towards the Strait of Sicily: it is able to catch information about the background conditions of the Mediterranean basin, besides providing useful hints to investigate the influence of specific atmospheric processes (e.g., long-rage air-mass transport, mineral dust emitted from northern Africa, sea-spry and ship emissions) on the variability of trace gases and aerosol. The following measurement programs have been activated:

  • Meteo parameters and solar radiation
  • Surface ozone and sulphur dioxide
  • Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane
  • Nitrogen oxides (NO and NO2)
  • Aerosol number size distribution (particles from 280 nm to 10 micron)
  • Aerosol mass (PM2.5 and PM10)
  • Equivalent black carbon concentration and aerosol absorption coefficient
  • Aerosol scattering coefficient at three wavelenghts
  • Integrated aerosol particle counting (for particles with 4μm lowest diameter)

Observatory is equipped with devices for the near-real time data delivery, allowing for a timely identification of special atmospheric events or instrumental malfunctioning. Moreover, at the Marettimo Island, where specific field campaigns can be carried out, measurements of meteorological parameters are acquired.