Bonaria Laboratory - Cagliari

Person in charge: 

The laboratory is equipped to carry out: physico-chemical characterization of materials by optical microscopy techniques, SEM analysis, EDS qualitative and quantitative microanalysis, MIP porosimetry, thermo analysis (DTA, TG, DTG, DSC), FTIR analysis, qualitative and quantitative XRD powders diffraction analysis, ultrasonic analysis for the determination of elastic modulus, uniaxial compression tests, colorimetric measurements.
Detection of outdoor and indoor environmental parameters can be performed via set of miniaturized data loggers and Infrared Thermography for the determination of energy loss and moisture in buildings.
Operations of cleaning, pre-consolidation and consolidation of artifacts and materials (usually stones) by use of benchtop and portable equipment (sandblasting, scalers U.S., micromotors, milling cutters, sprinkler systems etc.).
A small room used as chemical laboratory is also present for the preparation of samples and solutions, chemical attacks, etc.. and equipped with pH meters, conductivity meters, analytical balances, thermostatic baths, ultrasonic tanks, mortars, glassware and reagents kept in safety box.