Aerosol physics Lab

Person in charge: 

The aerosol physics laboratory is supplied with several instruments dedicated to aerosol generation, sampling and size characterization. Some of them are home-made instruments or prototypes. Specifically the laboratory is equipped with monodisperse and polydisperse aerosol generators, air quality samplers (PMx particle fractions) and particle size distribution spectrometers in the range from 5nm to 20µm (DMA, OPC, inertial spectrometers, et...).
Research activities, involving the laboratory rooms, take care of air filter testing measurements, aerosol fundamentals (diffusiophoretic and thermophoretic forces), instrumentation development and improvement (soft X-ray aerosol neutralizer, et..), OPC intercomparison campaigns with calibrated particles, filter preparation for IN concentration measurement by filter method.
The laboratory are also carried out maintaince and fixing operations of technical devices used in the other experimental facilities (e.g. cold laboratory