Testing activity concerning the preparation strategies for heavy rain in the historic centre of City of Ferrara

Tuesday, 10 December, 2019 - 13:00 to 17:00
Ferrara, Trento Trieste and Municipio squares

Postponed to December 10th for weather alert.
In the framework  of the Interreg Project Central Europe ProteCHt2save - Risk assessment and sustainable protection of Cultural Heritage in changing environment, coordinated by CNR-ISAC, exercises in the 7 pilot sites are planned to test the resilience strategies of the cultural heritage developed to deal with extreme events. The strategies are related to Preparedness Measures in historic centres facing flood, heavy rain and fire due to drought and to Evacuation Plans in emergency phase in museums at risk of flooding, fire due to drought and heavy rain.

On November 26th, the Italian exercise will be held in Ferrara, organized by the Municipality of Ferrara, a Project partner, with the final goal of mitigating disasters and managing the risks concerning cultural heritage in the event of heavy rain. The results will serve to improve existing disaster risk management plans.

The exercise will be coordinated by the associated Service of Civil Protection of the Estense Lands. The purpose of the simulation of a disaster case will be to reproduce the actions that could be implemented following events of intense rainfall similar to the one that occurred on 6 September 2019, limiting the simulation within Piazza Trento Trieste and Piazza del Municipio . The Local Police, the Fire Brigade, the Civil Protection volunteers, the Municipal Operations Center, the CNR-ISAC researchers involved in the Project and the technicians of the Municipality of Ferrara will be involved.

Citizens are invited to participate and follow the exercise.

Activity Report