Mobile Ka-band Cloud Radar

Mobile Ka-band radar (35 GHz) was built at ISAC - Bologna over the last few years. Transmitter specifications -magnetron, peak power 150KW -Frequency 34-35 GHz -PRF from 0 to 2.0 KHz -pulse width 0.5 microsec -duty cycle 0,0005 -PRT constant or staggered -wavwguides pressure 40 psi (nitrogen) Antenna specifications -Two separate circular parabolic reflectors -Diameter 1,2 m -Polarization: Tr linear horizontal, Rx dual linear or circular selectable -beam width 0.5 deg 3dB -Gain more than 50 dBz, -side lobes less than 25 dBz Receiver specifications -HiQ dig receiver -noise power less than -112 dBm -radar noise figure less than 6 dB -dynamic range more than 80 dB -bandwidth matched by pulse length

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