Aerobiology and Cultural Heritage Laboratory

Person in charge: 

Laboratory is equipped with following instrumentation:
- Bioaerosol Samplers viable and non-viable: Andersen, SAS, Lanzoni VPPS2000 and VPPS1000.
- Biological Laboratory: Autoclave, Incubator, Laboratory extractor hood, laminar flow hood with UV light, laboratory refrigerators with freezer, analytical and precision balances, centrifuges, agitators, heating plate
- Equipment for environmental monitoring (datalogger, cordless sensors with data transmission and remote control to measure the air and surfaces temperature, relative humidity, illuminance, wind speed and direction, solar radiation, surface condensation, carbon dioxide, gas) and particles, suction pumps with quartz and polycarbonate filters. Met One particles counter. Lambrecht- Psychrometer. Fluke Infrared Thermometer. Infrared Thermal Imager NEC TH7800). Konica Minolta Spectrophotometer CM-700d/600d.