Federico Fabiano

+39 051 639 9606
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Research Activity

I am a physicist and climatologist. I studied Physics in Pisa, specializing in Astrophysics, and later attended
a PhD in Geophysics at the University of Bologna, with a focus on planetary atmospheres. I am now part of the climate dynamics research unit at CNR-ISAC. My main research interests include:

  • Climate modelling: simulations of present-day climate and scenarios of future climate change; diagnostics and development of climate models.
  • Study of the large-scale atmospheric circulation at mid-latitudes using weather regimes analysis. Future trends in the circulation under climate change.
  • Energy balance and radiation in climate models. Equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS) and climate feedbacks. Long-term trends and non-linearities in the climate response.
  • Radiative transfer in LTE and non-LTE, fast parameterizations for climate models

A set of Python tools are freely available on my github: ClimTools is a library for post-processing, analysis and visualization of earth system data; WRtool is a stand-alone tool for computing weather regimes.

I am involved in a group of researchers (Officina della Ricerca per l'Ambiente - ORA!) with the aim to stop the ecological crisis and anthropogenic climate change as soon as possible. Read our call here: https://officinaricercambiente.it/