Risk assessment for the protection of cultural heritage exposed to extreme climate events

Proposed topics:

  1. Impact assessment of climate-induced extreme events at case studies;

  2. Vulnerability assessment at case studies using STRENCH project methodology;

  3. Impact of slow cumulative damage due to main deterioration parameters linked to air pollution.

Case studies: historic Centre of Verona (Italy); historic centre and bell towers in Venice lagoon (Italy); Aeolian islands landscape and historic centre (Italy).


  • Exploitation of products and datasets of Copernicus Climate Change and Atmosphere Monitoring services (C3S and CAMS) with the generation of maps at Regional/National level, with specific focus on the entire historical centres object of study.

  • Census of weather-climate monitoring and pollution stations at the scale of the historic centre/ area under study. Verification, collection, analysis and processing of available useful data.

  • Comparison of the elaborations carried out on the scale of the historical centre/territorial area under study with the results of the elaborations produced using Copernicus C3S and CAMS products.


tipo laurea
6-8 months