Investigation of thunderstorms – Instrumentation and modeling

Dr.ssa Popova.

Abstract . Societies are still vulnerable to severe weather and related consequences such as flooding, landslides or wildfires. Thunderstorms represent one of meteorological hazards and despite the fact that a lot of researchers’ attention is paid to them for tens of years, the knowledge has not been completed yet.
Our team tries to better understand the processes related to cloud electrification using tools of numerical modeling and observations. The numerical modeling aims at explicit modeling of cloud electrification and lightning in the frame of a research cloud model WISCDYMM-II. Most of the observations we use for our investigations come from our observatory Mile
šovka, which is located at a hill in northern part of Czechia in Central Europe (837 m ASL). In addition to standard meteorological data, the observatory is equipped with two radars: (i) Ka-band cloud profiler and (ii) X-band weather radar.

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