9th International Training School on "Convective and Volcanic Clouds (CVC) detecting, monitoring and modeling"


The 9th training school on Convective and Volcanic Clouds (CVC) detecting, monitoring and modelling will take place in Nicolosi, Sicily (Italy) 5-13 October 2024.

The training school is supported and organized by researchers of the CIMA Foundation, INGV, and CNR. 

Attending the school you will get an overview of the state of the art techniques and methods for detecting and monitoring the volcanic and convective clouds, you will know the different instruments and platforms allowing us to get the best performance in detecting such kind of clouds, you will be projected to the future learning about new missions planned for solving the main issues on these fields, you will be involved in real applications as early warning systems and modelling, you will directly analyze the data.

The school topics will range from satellite instruments such as IR sensors or GNSS to aircraft measurements like lidar and radar, from the study of ash and SO2 clouds to tropical cyclones, Mediterranean hurricanes, land and maritime convection.

The purpose of the School is to train students with outstanding research interest in the techniques allowing to detect, monitor, and model convective and volcanic clouds, to gain knowledge of the instruments and satellite missions (present and future) and to be able to support such kind of studies. The double aim is to create a school managed by young scientists already well established and recognized in their respective fields for young scientists willing to reinforce or develop their knowledge on atmospheric extreme events detection and monitoring for supporting policy makers, early warning systems and aviation safety.

The CVC school 2024 will take place in Nicolosi (Italy) on the slopes of Etna volcano. During the CVC 2024 all the topics will be deepened, and the participants will get an added value from:

- a field measurement campaign they will be part of;

- an excursion to the Etna craters;

- laboratories using professional software applied to real data;

- presenting their research to the other participants and to the lecturers.


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The School is open to everybody with priority for graduate students, PhD students and early career researchers. More info available at the website http://www.cvctrainingschool.org/  


Registration deadline: 30 May 2024