Giulia Panegrossi

Research Activity

My research interests include remote sensing of clouds and precipitation; passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithms; radiative transfer through precipitating clouds; microphysics characterisation of precipitating clouds using models and observations; development of microphysics schemes; cloud electrification; nowcasting techniques; analysis of heavy precipitation events through the use of NWP models (UW-NMS, MM5, WRF-ARW) and comparison with remote, ground-based and in-situ measurements. My current scientific activity is mainly related to the development of passive microwave (PMW) precipitation retrieval algorithms for the cross-track and conically scanning radiometers in the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission constellation of satellites, PMW snowfall retrieval with focus on high-latitudes, global precipitation climatology, extreme events in the Mediterranean area, water cycle, hydrological applications. This activity is carried out within different international and national projects. 

Main official roles

  • Co-Coordinator of the ISAC Research MacroArea Climate And Meteorology, modelling and Earth Observations (CAMEO) (since October 2018)
  • EUMETSAT H SAF Science Manager (since October 2019)
  • Precipitation Measurement Mission (PMM) Science Team Member (since 2014)

Current Research Projects

  1. EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Support to Operational Hydrology and Water Management (HSAF) (CDOP-3 2017-2022): Science Manager, Co-PI, member of the Project Team. As member of the Precipitation Product development team since 2012, I coordinate and supervise the development and delivery of operational precipitation products exploiting all current and future microwave radiometers on board LEO satellites.
  2. Copernicus C3S_312b_Lot1 (Oct. 2018- Jun. 2021) "Essential Climate Variable (ECV) products derived from observations Lot 1: precipitation, surface radiation budget, water vapour, cloud properties, and Earth radiation budget":  Co-PI, Leads the Precipitation ECV Climate Data Record generation (global daily and monthly mean precipitation estimate) based on passive microwave long-term Level 1 fundamental climate data record. 
  3. ESA RainCast study (ESA ITT AO/1-9324/18/NL/IA) (Jan. 2019-Jun. 2021): “A multi-platform and multi-sensor study to address the requirement from the research and operational communities for global precipitation measurements”, Co-PI and responsible of the CNR-ISAC unit. I lead the activity related to the assessment of snowfall detection and estimate capabilities of spaceborne MW active and passive sensors. 
  4. GAMES (EUMETSAT ITT 19/218140)  Geolocation Assessment/validation Methods for EPS-SG ICI and MWI (GAMES) (2020-2021)
  5. PON OT4CLIMA (Sep. 2018-Jun. 2021) (MIUR PNR 2015-2020, Aerospace) “EO innovative technologies for the study of environmental climate change impact”.  Forecasting, characterisation and monitoring of extreme weather events.
 Activities focuses on: precipitation estimation from multi-platform/sensor EO data through innovative algorithms for forecasting, monitoring and tracking extreme precipitation events, combined use of NWP models and satellite and ground-based observations.
  6. "GAMMA-FLASH": HIGH-ENERGY RADIATION AND PARTICLES IN THUNDERSTORMS, LIGHTNING, AND TERRESTRIAL GAMMA-RAY FLASHES (2019-2021), Progetto Premiale del MIUR progetti e sviluppo ASI. Member of the CNR-ISAC team: relationships between tra TGF and deep convection systems and lightning activity (Resp. S. Dietrich).
  7. H SAF and GPM scientific Collaboration proposal (2014-present) “H-SAF and GPM: precipitation algorithm development and validation activity”, approved by the NASA PMM Research Program and endorsed by EUMETSAT. PI, and responsible for the scientific collaboration between H-SAF and the NASA/JAXA GPM related to precipitation retrieval algorithm development and member of the Land surface Working Group and Passive Microwave retrieval Algorithm working group.

Recent publications


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