SORBETTO2 International school & QUATRAM3 Intercalibration campaign

A picture of the group of teachers

During  September ISAC organized two major events.

The International school SORBETTO 2 (SOlar Radiation Based Established Techniques for aTmospheric Observations) was held ONLINE, from 13 to 15 September 2021, and saw the participation of more than 100 students from 49 countries. The school, organized in collaboration with the University of Rome Sapienza, and funded by SERCO and the European project EMPIR-MAPP (Metrology for Aerosol oPtical Properties), took advantage of the experience of 20 internationally renowned teachers from renowned universities and Research Centers.

In the image a picture of the group of teachers.

Simultaneously, from 6 to 20 September, ISAC organized the International QUATRAM3 intercalibration campaign funded by the European project EMPIR-MAPP. 8 instruments, including photometers and spectrometers, were installed in the urban area of ​​Rome, in the BAQUNIN supersite at the Physics Department of Sapienza, and operated simultaneously for 3 weeks.

Below a spectacular photo of the instruments at dawn.