Studies on sand and dust storms (SDS): DUSTCLIM and InDust

Francesca Barnaba

Sand and dust storms (SDS) are an important threat to life, health, property, environment and economy in many countries, and play a significant role in different aspects of weather, climate and atmospheric chemistry. There is an increasing need for SDS accurate information and predictions to support early warning systems, and preparedness and mitigation plans. The DUSTCLIM project (Dust Storms Assessment for the development of user-oriented Climate services in Northern Africa, the Middle East and Europe) funded by the European ERA4CS initiative explored the way SDS affects society by producing and delivering an advanced dust regional model reanalysis for Northern Africa, Middle East and Europe, and by prototyping dust-related services tailored to specific socio-economic sectors (air quality, aviation and solar energy). The seminar will provide an overview of the main results of the project, achieved in synergy with the activities carried out within the COST Action inDust (International Network to Encourage the Use of Monitoring and Forecasting Dust Products). A particular focus will be given to the air quality applications, which were those more specifically developed by ISAC.


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