GLOBO is a grid-point hydrostatic general circulation model on a uniform mesh in geographic coordinates. GLOBO was developed as an evolution of BOLAM, with the same numerics for the dynamical part and the same physical parameterizations.

GLOBO is used for global forecast up to 7 days lead time with 60 vertical levels and 1202 x 834 grid points, equivalent to a resolution of 24 km in mid-latitudes.

Verification following WMO guidelines is done on a monthly basis for the 2- and 6- days forecasts.

An ensemble of lower-resolution GLOBO forecasts is employed to obtain, weekly, an experimental probabilistic (ensemble) monthly prediction. The latter activity is included in the Subseasonal to Seasonal Prediction Project (S2S), a WWRP/THORPEX/ WCRP joint research project.

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