Meteorological Modelling

This research activity aims at developing and implementing numerical tools apt to simulate and predict, with a high degree of accuracy, the physical and dynamical processes responsible for the atmospheric variability from the planetary to the turbulent scale, as well as for applications in the field of meteorology, atmospheric composition and dispersion.

The numerical models and data assimilation systems developed, implemented or maintained within this activity constitute a set of tools available also to external users, can support observational and experimental activities, and complement the expertise of other research units. This activity addresses societal needs related to energy planning, risk and impact evaluation of meteorological and hydro-geological phenomena, air quality, through the realization of predictions, process studies, and scenario assessments at the meteorological and climatological time scale.



  • Development of ISAC original atmospheric models, including a global model (GLOBO), a hydrostatic model (BOLAM), a nonhydrostatic model (MOLOCH)
  • Implementation of other limited area models (e.g., RAMS, WRF) 
  • Implementation of large eddy simulation models for process studies
  • Development and application of mesoscale data assimilation techniques (e.g., nudging, LAPS, WRFDA)
  • Development of model parameterization schemes and numerical methods able to improve weather prediction systems
  • Development of extended range (sub-seasonal) forecasting techniques and issue of probabilistic monthly forecasts
  • Development of nowcasting techniques, able to integrate and exploit both the numerical forecast and observations
  • Nowcasting and short-range weather prediction
  • Data assimilation (conventional and non-conventional networks)

Progetti rilevanti: Intesa operativa ISAC-DPC; WMO-S2S


Previsioni meteorologiche GLOBO BOLAM MOLOCH CNR-ISAC ---- GLOBO BOLAM MOLOCH Weather Forecasts CNR-ISAC


WRF - RAMS Weather Forecasting:  Lamezia   Cagliari