Stefano Dietrich

Research Activity

Graduated in Electronic Engineering at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome with an experimental thesis in Remote Sensing and Environmental Diagnostics, carried out at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IFA) of CNR in Frascati, in collaboration with the Department of Electronic Engineering, entitled: "Estimation of precipitation intensity from satellite radiometric measurements".

Since 1994 he carries out national and international research activities at the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate of Rome (ex IFA) in the field of remote sensing and its applications. Initially as a consultant for ESA projects and as Visiting Scientist at Florida State University, he participated in the design and application of innovative concepts of passive microwave remote sensing, new sensors, algorithms and cal/val strategies in numerous national and international proposals and funded projects. Since 2001 he is a permanent CNR researcher, coordinator of research projects in Antarctica (PNRA), of activities funded by the National Group for the prevention of Hydrogeological Disasters (GNDCI), and the Italian Space Agency (ASI). Since 2005 he started the development and fine-tuning of algorithms in the EUMETSAT field to be included in the catalog of the Satellite Application Facility on Support to Operational Hydrology and Water Management (H SAF). He concluded the participation in H SAF in 2022 when the precipitation data, produced through the Air Force CoMET, reaches hundreds of European and African users in real time through EUMETCAST, the EUMETSAT's distribution structure.   Scientific coordinator of the H SAF consortium in the second and third phase of the Continuous Operational Development Program (CDOP-2 and CDOP-3), he was also responsible for the Satellite Meteorology sector at CNR-ISAC from 2011 to 2016. 

Starting from the European project FLASH, coordinated by Prof. Price, he devoted himself with growing interest to the study of electrical activities in the atmosphere. In collaboration with Prof. Betz, deploying 15 sensors on the national territory, he has included Italy in the LINET network.  Since 2012 he coordinates the use of national data for scientific purposes only. The quality of the network allows the continuous monitoring in real time of the three-dimensional distribution of electrical discharges also on Italy, with optimal detection efficiency and location accuracy values for assimilation in numerical modeling and for nowcasting or very short-term forecasting of convective events.  For years it has been taking care of these aspects, which are fundamental in the development of national operational alerting services, in the context of the convention programs between the DPC and ISAC-CNR. 

In recent years he contributes to multidisciplinary studies on the Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes (TGF) coordinating the meteorological aspects both in the ASI Working Group on High Energy and in the ASI GAMMA-FLASH award project launched in 2020. 

Editor for Advances in Meteorology, Remote Sensing, Frontiers in Atmospheric Sciences and Atmosphere, he has been a member of the Steering Committee of the EGU Plinius Conferences series on Mediterranean Risks.