Valerio Lembo

Research Activity


I am interested in various aspects of climate dynamics, mainly those affected by and affecting energy budgets and transports, and the interaction between heat and momentum. I develop methods to diagnose the thermodynamics and the general circulation of the atmosphere, as a way to contribute bringing the basic principles of physics into the climate modeling debate. I use methods from statistical mechanics and dynamical systems theory to explore the response of the climate system to external forcings, the role of internal variability and long-term predictability.

Employment History

(2016-2020) CEN, University of Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany: Postdoctoral Researcher

(2016) CINFAI, Lecce, Italy: Research Assistant

(2015) ETH Zürich, Switzerland, Academic Guest


(2013-2016) University of Salento, Lecce, Italy: Ph. D. in Ecology and Climate Change

(2010-2012) University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy: M. Sc. in Physics of the Atmosphere and Meteorology

(2006-2009) University of Rome "La Sapienza", Rome, Italy: B. Sc. in Physics and Astrophysics

Publication List


  • Fabiano, F., Davini, P., Meccia, V., Zappa, G., Bellucci, A., Lembo, V., Bellomo, K., and Corti, S., 2023, Multi-centennial evolution of the climate response and deep ocean heat uptake in a set of abrupt stabilization scenarios with EC-Earth3, Earth Syst. Dynam. Discuss. [preprint],, in review


  • Lembo, V., Fabiano, F., Galfi, V.M., Graversen, R., Lucarini, V., and G. Messori, 2022, Meridional energy transport extremes and the general circulation of NH mid-latitudes: dominant weather regimes and preferred zonal wavenumbers, Weather Clim. Dyn. Discuss., 3(3), 1037-1062
  • Franzke, Christian LE, Franzke, C. L., Blender, R., O’Kane, T. J., and V. Lembo, 2022, Stochastic Methods and Complexity Science in Climate Research and Modeling, Frontiers in Physics, 521
  • Ragone, C., Lembo, V., Lucarini, V., Vérard, C., Kasparian, J., and M. Brunetti, 2022, Robustness of competing climatic states, J. Atm. Sciences, 35(9), 2769-2784


  • Faranda, D., Alberti, T., Arutkin, M., Lembo, V., and V. Lucarini, 2021, Interrupting vaccination policies can greatly spread SARS-CoV-2 and enhance mortality from COVID-19 disease: The AstraZeneca case for France and Italy, Chaos, 31(4), 041105
  • Qiyun, M., Lembo, V., and C.L.E. Franzke, 2021, The Lorenz energy cycle: trends and the impact of modes of climate variability, Tellus A: Dyn Met and Oc, 73:1, 1-15


  • Vissio, G., Lembo, V., Lucarini V., and M. Ghil, 2020, Evaluating the Performance of Climate Models Based on Wasserstein Distance, Geophys. Res. Lett., 47, e2020GL089385
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  • Lembo V., Lunkeit F., and V. Lucarini, 2019, TheDiaTo (v1.0) – A new diagnostic tool for diagnosing water, energy and entropy budgets in climate models, Geosci. Model Dev., 12, 3805–3834
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  • Faranda D.,Lembo V., Kuzzay D., Daviaud F. and B. Dubrulle, 2017, Computation and characterization of local energy transfers in atmospheric flows, J. Atm. Sciences, 75, 2175–2186


  • Lembo V., Bordi I., and A. Speranza, 2017, Annual and semiannual cycles of midlatitude surfacetemperature and baroclinicity: reanalysis data and AOGCMs simulations, Earth Sys. Dyn., 8, 295-312


  • Lembo V., Folini D., Wild M. and P. Lionello, 2016, Energy budgets and transports: global evolutionand spatial patterns during the 20th Century in two AMIP-like experiments, Clim. Dyn., 48, 1793-1812

Editorial activity