7th Call for Trans-National Access – ATMO-ACCESS

7th last call for TNA

The 7th H2020 ATMO-ACCESS call for "free-of-charge" Trans-National Access (TNA) is now open until April 3rd 2024.
This is the last chance to access Europe’s most advanced facilities for observation and exploration in atmospheric science within the ATMO-ACCESS general call framework.

ATMO-ACCESS provides access to 61 of the leading European atmospheric research facilities within the current 7th and last call. Among them users can access the Mt. Cimone – Po Valley (CMN-PV) facility by CNR-ISAC.

Facilities can be accessed in person, remotely or in a hybrid format, combining physical and remote access. Access to any of the ATMO-ACCESS facilities is provided for users with no charges for the use of the infrastructure, instrumentation, or expert support.
All the information related to the call and how to apply are available on the website: https://www.atmo-access.eu/7th-call-for-access/

If you are interested in proposing a field experiment (physical or remote) at the CMN-PV facility and you want to discuss particulars of access and practicalities before submitting the official TNA application, please contact atmo-access [at] isac.cnr.it. Examples of broad scientific topics (but not limited to) to be proposed can be related to:

  • atmospheric aerosols
  • reactive gases
  • non-CO2 greenhouse gases
  • fog and clouds.

Access to the CMN-PV facility can be physical or remote. By physical access, foreign research teams physically access the Po-Valley facility (or a single component of the facility) for performing the proposed experiment. By remote access, foreign research teams can remotely access the instrumentations they installed at the Po-Valley facility (or at a single component of the facility) and the datasets produced by the CNR-ISAC instrumentation. The possibility also exists that foreign research teams ship their instrumentations to the facility and CNR-ISAC takes care of the installation.

More information on the CMN-PV facility: https://atmo-access.isac.cnr.it/
More information on TNA at the CMN-PV facility: https://atmo-access.isac.cnr.it/trans-national-access

More information on the TNA experiences and main scientific results at CMN-PV facility: https://atmo-access.isac.cnr.it/main-scientific-results