Environmental Climate Observatory - Lamezia Terme

The experimental research activities at ISAC Lamezia Terme are carried out on the base of several measurements by means of heterogeneous instrumentations. Such sensors are present in the Climatic-Environmental Observatory funded by MIUR through Infrastructural Project

 PON03 I-AMICA in order to continuously collect environmental data (24/24 and 7/7) regarding local meteorology, different polluted gases concentration collection, greenhouse and reactive gases, VOC-OVOC and several atmospheric particulate matter fraction.

Instruments, data acquisition and data analysis are remotely managed via internet (www.i-amica.it).

The Lamezia site is located in the industrial area of Lamezia Terme (Lat: 38° 52.605′ N,  Lon: 16°  13.946′ E,  Alt: 6 asl) and it has a semi-rural characterization.

The observatory contributes to: the network of 500 sites, to the Global Atmospheric Watch – of the World Meteorological Organization (GAW-WMO) to monitor global climate health.  https://gawsis.meteoswiss.ch/GAWSIS/#/search/station/stationReportDetails/0-20008-0-LMT, European Research Infrastructure ACTRIS as national Facility in the Italian Joint Research Unit (JRU) www.actris.it/index.php/it/observationsites-menu-item-ita/os-lameziaterme-menu-subitem-ia , and to the Aeronet – NASA network https://aeronet.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/type_one_station_opera_v2_new?site=Lamezia_Terme&nachal=2&level=1. Wind Lidar is in the infrastructures of the Wind Energy Joint Program (EERA-JPWIND) https://www.eerajpwind.eu/ European Energy Alliance (EERA).

Lamezia Terme site is candidated to European Infrastructure ICOS as Instrumental HUB S https://www.icos-italy.it/ to support 1 and 2 class Italian nodes such as Monte Cimone (CNR-ISAC), Tito Scalo (CNR-IMAA) e Lampedusa (ENEA). The project  PRO-ICOS_MED is running at this purpose https://www.cnr.it/it/pon-2014-2020-infrastrutture-ricerca.

LMT include the following instrumentation for:


Remote sensing

  •  Sunphotometer (CIMEL), Lidar-Raymetrics.

In situ

  • Atmospheric gases concentration measures of, CO, CO2, CH4 e water vapour (PICARRO G2401).
  • Atmospheric gases concentration measures by using automatic analyser an Ozone (Thermoscientific, mod. 49i) e Nitrogen oxides (Thermoscientific, mod. 42i-TL), sulphur dioxide (Thermoscientific, mod. 43i).
  • Atmospheric volatile gases compound concentration measures of  – Benzene, Toluene, Terpene (VOC/OVOC) (MARKES unity2 + AGILENT  7890b+AGILENT- MSD 5977)
  • Dimensional distribution particles measure with range between 8 nm and 800 nm: Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer (SMPS product by Institute Tropos- Leibniz Institute for Tropospheric Research), to be ACTRIS compliant
  • Dimensional distribution particles measure with range between 280 nm and 10 µm (Optical Particle Counter (OPC FAI instruments, mod. Multichannel).
  • Particle counting measure within 2.5 nm e 10 µm range: Ultrafine Condensation Particle Counter (CPC 3776 TSI)
  • Mass concentration measurement PM2.5 e PM10 with particle impactor (FAI Instruments, mod. SWAM5a Dual Channel) based on β rays attenuation.  
  • Measure of equivalent mass concentration of atmospheric Black Carbon (Multi Angle Absorption Photometer, Thermoscientific 5012).
  • Measure of atmospheric aerosol scattering coefficient at three different wavelengths (Nephelometer TSI 3560).



Remote sensing

wind-lidar doppler (Zephir 300): measure speed and direction wind profiles from 10 upt to 300 m;

In situ

  • 10 m meteo mast for meteorological experiments equipped with an automatic weather transmitter (Vaisala WXT520) for wind speed and direction, precipitation, atmospheric pressure, temperature and relative humidity measures.
  • Solar and thermal radiation (Kipp & Zonen CNR4)  (2 m)


As Research Infrastructure Networks require, for the activities in the observatories, some roles are here identified:



Station Manager: Dr. Claudia Roberta Calidonna (CNR-ISAC)

Contact Persons:

Dr. Paolo Bonasoni (CNR-ISAC)

Dr. Claudia Roberta Calidonna (CNR-ISAC)

PhD Paolo Cristofanelli (CNR-ISAC)

Lt. Col. Patrizio Emiliani (Air Force Mountain Centre Monte Cimone)

Major Piero Serra Servizio Meteorologico (Meteorological Service of the Italian Military Airforce)

Dr Francesco ZAULI Servizio Meteorologico (Meteorological Service of the Italian Military Airforce)

Site Manager: Ivano Ammoscato

Data manager: Daniel Gullì


Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Claudia R. Calidonna, PhD. Teresa Lo Feudo (aerosol profiles)

Site Manager: Ivano Ammoscato

Data manager: Daniel Gullì



Principal Investigator(s): Dr. Claudia R. Calidonna, PhD Teresa Lo Feudo

Site Manager: Ivano Ammoscato


Principal Investigator: Dr. Claudia R. Calidonna

Site Manager: Ivano Ammoscato