Marco Paglione

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Research Activity: 

Marco obteined his PhD in Environmental Sciences at the University of Bologna (Italy) in 2013. Marco’s research activity is spread on a wide range of atmospheric and climate-related issues: from the chemical characterization of organic aerosol to the study of air quality and climate interaction, through the analysis of the ocean-atmosphere exchanges and aerosol-cloud interactions. This thanks to the participation in national and international projects in which he has dealt with: field measurements (offline and online) in different regions of the world (from the north Atlantic to Antarctica) and over different platforms (mobile labs, oceanographic vessels, towers, etc.); laboratory experiments and characterization of aerosols; laboratory chemical analysis with different techniques (TOC-TN, IC, HPLC, H-NMR and AMS); aerosol source apportionment using factor analysis (person in charge of this activity within his research group); use of CTM models (PMCAMx) for the study of formation and transformation processes of atmospheric aerosol and their impact on air quality and climate.
Marco is also involved in the activity of Science Dissemination carry out by the CNR Bologna Research Area to broaden scientific information to the general public.