Giulia Panegrossi

+39 06 4993 4274

Research Activity: 

My research interests include remote sensing of clouds and precipitation; passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithms; radiative transfer through precipitating clouds; microphysics characterization of precipitating clouds using models and observations; development of microphysics schemes; cloud electrification; nowcasting techniques; analysis of heavy precipitation events through the use of NWP models (UW-NMS, MM5, WRF-ARW) and comparison with remote, ground-based and in-situ measurements. My current scientific activity is mainly related to the development of physically-based Passive Microwave (PMW) precipitation retrieval algorithms for the cross-track and conically scanning radiometers in the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission constellation of satellites: SSMIS on board the U.S. DMSP satellites, ATMS on board the Suomi NPP (and JPSS series), AMSU/MHS on board Met-OP and NOAA satellites, AMSR-2 on board GCOM-W1, and GMI on board the GPM Core Observatory. This activity, carried out within the precipitation retrieval algorithm Development Team of the EUMETSAT Hydrological Satellite Application Facility (H-SAF), Second Continuous Development and Operational Phase (CDOP-2, 2012-2017), continues within H-SAF CDOP-3 (2017-2022) where I am a member of the H SAF Project Team, and I coordinate the scientific activity related to the development of the day-1 H-SAF passive microwave precipitation products for the EPS-SG microwave radiometers (MWI, MWS, ICI). As Co-PI of the ESA RainCast study I lead the activity on the assessment of snowfall retrieval capabilities of currently available spaceborne MW active and passive radiometers.  Within the Copernicus Climate Change Service SQUARE4ECVs  project (C3S_511) “Scientific Quality Assessment and Report for Essential Climate Variables (ECVs)”  I contribute to the Planned Thematic Assessments and Quality Briefs . Within the C3S_312b: "Essential Climate Variable (ECV) products derived from observations Lot 1: precipitation, surface radiation budget, water vapour, cloud properties, and Earth radiation budget" I lead the Precipitation ECV Climate Data Record generation (global daily and monthly mean precipitation estimate) based on passive microwave long-term Level 1 data record. As Co-PI of the national PRIN 20154WX5NA "Reconciling precipitation with runoff"  funded research project I am responsible of CNR-ISAC Research Unit and leader of WP 5 aimed at the Improvement of areal rainfall estimates based on integration of radar, raingauges, and satellite sources. As part of the Earth2Observe FP7 EU funded project (2014-2017), I have been involved in delivery and development of satellite precipitation products from space-borne passive microwave radiometers, with focus on the improvement of retrieval of light precipitation (at mid-high latitudes) and snowfall retrieval exploiting the high frequency channels (above 89 GHz).

Main Research Projects and activities

  1. Copernicus C3S_312b_Lot1 (Oct. 2018- Jun. 2021) "Essential Climate Variable (ECV) products derived from observations Lot 1: precipitation, surface radiation budget, water vapour, cloud properties, and Earth radiation budget":  Co-PI- Leads the Precipitation ECV Climate Data Record generation (global daily and monthly mean precipitation estimate) based on passive microwave long-term Level 1 data record. 
  2. ESA RainCast project (ESA ITT AO/1-9324/18/NL/IA) (Jan. 2019-Jun. 2020): “A multi-platform and multi-sensor study to address the requirement from the research and operational communities for global precipitation measurements”, Co-PI and responsible of the CNR-ISAC unit and leads the activity related to the assessment of snowfall detection and estimate capabilities of spaceborne MW active and passive sensors. 
  3. EUMETSAT Satellite Application Facility on Support to Operational Hydrology and Water Management (HSAF) (CDOP-2 2012-2017, CDOP-3 2017-2022): Co-PI, member of the Project Team. As member of the Precipitation Product development team since 2012, she coordinates and supervises the development and delivery of operational precipitation products exploiting all current and future microwave radiometers on board LEO satellites.
  4. PON OT4CLIMA (Sep. 2018-Jun. 2021) (MIUR PNR 2015-2020, Aerospace) “EO inovvoative technologies for the study of environmental climate change impact”. Responsible for ISAC-CNR activity in Task 3.1: Forecasting, characterization and monitoring of extreme weather events.
Activities focuses on: precipitation estimation from multi-platform/sensor EO data through innovative algorithms for forecasting, monitoring and tracking extreme precipitation events.
  5. Copernicus C3S_511 SQUARE4ECVs (Oct. 2017-Jun. 2021) ( “Scientific Quality Assessment and Report for Essential Climate Variables (ECVs)” (2017-2021): in WP7 (Planned Thematic Assessments and Quality Briefs) she is responsible for “Water Cycle” thematic assessment. 
  6. H SAF and GPM scientific Collaboration proposal (2014-present) “H-SAF and GPM: precipitation algorithm development and validation activity”, approved by the NASA PMM Research Program and endorsed by EUMETSAT. PI, and responsible for the scientific collaboration between H-SAF and the NASA/JAXA GPM related to precipitation retrieval algorithm development.
  7. PRIN 2015 (Italian MIUR project) (Feb. 2017-Feb. 2020) “Reconciling precipitation with runoff: the role of understated measurement biases in the modeling of hydrological processes” (2017-2020): Co-PI, responsible of CNR-ISAC Research Unit and leader of WP 5 (Improvement of areal rainfall estimates based on integration of radar, raingauges, and satellite sources).
  8. Federated Activity project between H-SAF and the PMM science Team (2015-2017)Cooperation on the use of combined spaceborne active and passive MW observations for precipitation retrieval”: PI, scientific activity dedicated to the improvement of precipitation estimates of light precipitation and snowfall (with focus on mid-high latitudes) using spaceborne microwave radiometers.
  9. FP7 Earth2Observe project (2014-2017):  “Global Earth Observation for Integrated Water Resource Assessment” DG Research development, delivery, and validation of satellite precipitation products from space-borne passive microwave radiometers.

Member of the Precipitation Measurement Mission (PMM) Science Team 


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