The Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (CNR-ISAC) aims at an integrated scientific understanding of the atmosphere and its processes, by means of a multidisciplinary approach which combines scientific and tecnological competences in meteorology, climate, atmospheric dynamics and composition, Earth observations and performs basic research, experimental and modelling work and impact evaluation.
ISAC is the largest CNR Institute on atmospheric sciences, structured in 7 Units over the country, 7 permanent observatories, including 2Global Stations of the Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) program of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and 2 Supersites.
ISAC is recognised internationally through its collaboration with a large number of European laboratories, and research centres worldwide.


Sinthetic informations on ISAC institute and results of the recent internal evaluation performed by Italian National Research Council (CNR) on all its 103 Institutes.
1) Who we are: Brochure (ITA PDF)
2) Slides on ISAC's answers on main global scientific challenges "Risposte alle sfide globali" (ITA PDF)
3) ISAC Report for CNR evaluation 2011-2014 (ENG PDF)
4) Evaluation report: (ENG PDF) ISAC 1° in the ranking list of the Department of Earth Sciences and Environmental Technologies (CNR-DTA)


Recent calls for 13 new researcher permanent positions

You can follow ongoing calls for new researcher permanent positions on CNR website "concorsi scaduti" The ISAC institute is one of the possible destinations for 13 winners out of 82 available positions, in 4 research areas.


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CNR Press release: A CNR-Isac study identifies in chemical processes that occur in the humid particles of the atmosphere from the combustion of wood a secondary organic aerosol formation factor. This factor is relevant in the production of fine dust, harmful air pollutants to human health. The process can also affect the increase in winter temperatures. The research, conducted in collaboration with Aerodyne Research Inc., University of Ferrara and Arpae Emilia Romagna, was published in PNAS

The institute ISAC in Rome participated in the European Researchers' Night taking place on September 30th.
The ISAC-ROME unit was active in the event organized at the Tor Vergata research Area with four tasks: three visits to the experimental field and its instrumentation, and an educational workshop "playing with the atmosphere".