Impact of weather and hydro-geological extreme events

Extreme events and more general extreme weather consequences are important research topics to cope with when we search to understand their impact. This research theme aims to understanding which and how weather and hydrogeological events impact through a multidisciplinary approach. This is possible in strong collaboration with hydrologists and geologist devoted to the assessment of rain threshold in terms of intensity, persistency, frequency and extremes return period.

Regarding sea-storm, for impact on coastline modification, more generally on beach morphology, it is important to define duration, energy and direction of wind that transfer energy to sea surface. In this case, intense collaboration further to hydrologists and geologist, consider civil engineer, marine geologist and geophysicist are established.

Regarding long-duration drought periods, considering wild fires occurrence, ecologists, and forestry scientist is important to understand how long the persistence of high temperature, low relative humidity, precipitation scarcity and presence of strong wind can represent a risk factor for a damage event. Furthermore, how extreme weather can cause damages to forestry, agriculture and in general to landscape.