Environmental climate Observatory "Rita Atria" - Capo Granitola

The CNR-ISAC Environmental climate observatory “Rita Atria” of Capo Granitola is located at the Torretta Granitola coastal site (12 km from Mazara del Vallo and about 130 km south-west from Palermo), within the CNR -IAS campus. This Observatory is a Regional Station of the Global Atmospheric Watch program of the World Meteorological Organization (GAWWMO) and of the ACTRIS - Aerosol, Clouds and Trace Gases Infrastructure. The continuous atmospheric composition measurements (24/24 and 365/365) started in the 2014/15 and are considered representative of the western Sicily/central Mediterranean conditions. The Observatory, realized within I-AMICA PON Project, is located at the coast-line towards the Sicily Channel: it is able to catch information about the background conditions of the Mediterranean basin, besides providing useful hints to investigate the influence of specific atmospheric processes (e.g., long-rage air-mass transport, mineral dust emitted from northern Africa, sea-spry and ship emissions, forest fires) on the variability of trace gases and aerosol.

Observation activities and measurement programs include: surface ozone, sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, aerosol size distribution (particles from 280 nm to 10 micron), aerosol scattering coefficient at three wavelengths, integrated aerosol particle counting (for particles with 4μm lowest diameter), equivalent black carbon concentration and aerosol absorption coefficient, aerosol chemistry, meteorological parameters, solar radiation.

The Observatory is equipped with devices for the near-real-time data delivery, allowing for a timely identification of special atmospheric events or instrumental malfunctioning.

In April 2016, in the framework of the AIR –SEA LAB international project, a field campaign was promoted at Capo Granitola Observatory concerning the Climate-air pollution interaction in coastal environment

On 3 October 2019 the Capo Granitola Observatory was named after Rita Atria, a young woman from this land, a witness to justice, a victim of the mafia.

The CNR and the Libera network wanted the name of Rita Atria to be linked to the commitment of this CNR-ISAC Observatory, so that her testimony remains alive over time, even among those who work and talk about science and climate, among young people who they will attend the International Marine Station and the Capo Granitola Climate Observatory, because the challenge to combat climate change requires equal courage and thirst for justice.


Near-real-time observations: Capo Granitola Observatory

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ACTRIS Italia Capo Granitola: http://www.actris.it/index.php/it/observationsites-menu-item-ita/os-capogranitola-menu-subitem-ita