Researches on atmospheric aerosols

Unga Florin

Part 1: Microscopic observations of core‐shell particle structure and implications for atmospheric aerosol remote sensing.

This work is dedicated to (i) study of physicochemical properties and mixing state of individual particles (with particularity on coated particles) by means of analytical scanning and transmission electron microscopy for aerosols collected during episodes of elevated aerosol loading; (ii) analysis of the effect of microphysical properties on optical characteristics as measured and retrieved by remote sensing; and (iii) investigation of possible parameterization of aerosol composition and structure in remote sensing algorithms.

Part 2: On-line detection of non-anthropogenic air pollution

The spectral absorption of mineral dust is analyzed by a novel method, consisting of two on-line 7-wavelengths Aetohalometer (AE33; Aerosol d.o.o., Slovenia), one measuring with a PM1 inlet for the aerosol fine fraction and a second one equipped with a high-volume virtual impactor (VI) to concentrate the aerosol coarse fraction. By subtracting the PM1 contribution from the VI measurements and normalizing to the enhancement factor, one can get the optical absorption of mineral dust. The Absorption Angstrom Exponent of coarse particles varies as a function of their source region and shows a strong spectral dependency for African and Middle East mineral dust. Analysis of the data set includes comparisons with off-line filter-based chemical analysis, showing a good correlation with the novel method results.

Part 3: Mapping the spatial variability of aerosol properties by means of mobile systems.

The majority of ground-based aerosols observations are limited to fixed locations, narrowing the knowledge of their spatial variability. In order to overcome this issue, several systems have been developed to explore the aerosol vertical and spatial variability. These systems can perform on-road mobile measurements, by means of vehicles, UAVs, and research vessels boarding scientific instruments.

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