Paolo Cristofanelli

+39 051 639 9597
Research Activity

My first studies were related to the investigations of the influence of transport processes (Stratosphere-to-troposphere exchange, mineral dust advection, long-range transport) to tropospheric ozone variations. My focus was mainly to near-surface ozone observations  at permanent remote observatories (in Italy, Himalayas and Antarctica) and during field campaigns. During my PhD, I also got the opportunity to built skills in the use of measurement techniques related to trace gas observations (ozone, NOx, CO, SO2, GHGs) as well as in the development and application of algorithms for the analysis of atmospheric time series and for integrating data from atmospheric observations with outputs from transport models.

My current scientific interests are related with the investigation of long-term trends of climate-altering trace gases (again, with a specific emphasis on tropospheric ozone), the observations and variability attribution of greenhouse gases (I'm Principal Investigator for the Mt. Cimone ICOS class-2 atmospheric site) and the carbon cycle (I'm member of the working group on the "Carbon Cycle" of CNR).

More recently, I was involved in projects related to the evaluation and quality control of dataset for atmospheric composition data and to the increase of the overall maturity of atmospheric observations from permanent observatories. I'm coordinating Trans-National Access activities at the CMN-PV facility, part of ACTRIS and ICOS RIs.