Gianfranco Carcangiu

+39 070 675 5552
Research Activity

Research in the field of: Economic Geology (principally Industrial Minerals), mineralogy and geochemistry studies applied in the field of Economic Geology; direct diagnostic techniques application (optical microscopy, X-Ray Diffractometry (XRD), XRF Spectrometry, electron microprobe analysis (EPMA), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Thermal Analysis (DTA, TG, DTG) for the material characterization in the fields of Ore Deposit, Environmental, and Cultural Heritage studies. Scientific activity: prospecting and studies of ore deposits; assessment of the mineral deposit potential; prospecting guides; mineral diagnostic and chemical-mineralogical-petrographic characterization of materials; correlation between paragenesis and geo-lithological environments; genetic models of mineral deposits; inventory of geo-resources and assessment of the deposit reserves. Main researches in the Industrial Minerals and Rocks field: studies on clays (kaolins, illite, bentonites), wollastonite, K- e Na-feldspars, zeolites and Rare Earth Elements-bearing mineralization, fluorite, perlite, obsidian, siliciclastic and heavy mineral-bearing sands in placers, mineral associations in studies related to the precious metal prospecting, porphyry copper. Chemical-mineral-petrographic characterization of materials for application in environmental studies. Chemical-mineral-petrographic characterization of masonry structures and mortars, and associated alterations for applications in the cultural heritage sector. Prospecting aimed to locate source quarries of building stonework in monumental buildings.