Francesca Costabile

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Research Activity

F. Costabile (Ph.D., M.S., B.E.) is a senior research scientist at ISAC (Temporary since 2003, staff since 2009), where she is today coordinator in the Board of the strategic area “Impacts on environment, Health and cultural heritage”. Since 2012, she has been a contract professor at the University of Rome Tor Vergata (Phys. dep., Atmospheric chemodynamics, Habilitation as Associate Professor/02 – Physics/02/C1 - astronomy, astrophysics, Earth and planetary physics), where she also advises master and PhD students. She has been visiting researcher at the Tsinghua and Peking universities (China) in  2002-2007, at the TROPOS institute (Germany) in 2008, and is visiting at the Max Planck Institute (Germany) in 2024. She has coordinated more than 20 intl. projects (with a total budget as PI of 12.6 million Euros), participated in several projects and authored more than 50 peer-reviewed papers (20 of whom as principal author) . Since 2017, she has been contracted by the European Union as a scientific expert (2017/2020, contracting authority: EC Dept. Mobility and Transport; 2021/2024, contracting authority: European Aviation Safety Agency) in the field of aviation air quality and health. Her present research focus is on the complex relationships linking anthropogenic aerosols in the ambient air and planetary health with a one-health approach.