Daniela Cava

+39 0832 422 430
Research Activity

Investigation of micrometeorological processes in the atmospheric boundary layer, finalised to:

- study of the turbulence characteristics in the stable boundary layer and interaction with sub-meso motions in weak-wind and very stable conditions ;

- parameterisation of turbulence structure in homogeneous and complex conditions (orographic complexity, vegetal surfaces);

- study of intermittency at the different scales of atmospheric turbulence;

- modelling of turbulent exchange of momentum, energy and mass across the land-atmosphere interface.


The results relative to the described research activity can be applied to:

  • Pollutant transport modelling in the Planetary Boundary Layer;
  • Air quality modelling and environmental risk assessment;
  • Assessment of CO2 and water vapour balance at the surface-atmosphere interface and of its impact on the Climate System.