RMS and MicroRMS

RMS and MicroRMS are modelling suites composed by the known atmospheric model RAMS, the boundary-layer parameterization code MIRS and the Lagrangian particle model (Micro)Spray. MIRS (Model for Interfacing RAMS and SPRAY) processes the meteorological RAMS output fields or, alternatively, other kinds of data fields deriving by observations or diagnostic models, then calculates the boundary-layer quantities and the Lagrangian turbulence fields. In our suites, RAMS has been modified including alternative turbulence closure schemes, also for specific simulations at the microscale (RAMS6_Mod). MicroRMS is the microscale version of RMS suitable for the simulation of the flow and dispersion at high spatial resolution (order of 1 m) in presence of obstacles and buildings. In MicroRMS, MIRS is specifically modified to process and transfer the information about the presence of the obstacles as used in RAMS to the approach implemented in MicroSPRAY