Best Video Contribution Award at YOCOCU2022 Christmas Edition Conference

Award ceremony

Research fellow at the ISAC Rome unit, Alessandra Mascitelli, was awarded for the best video contribution at the 8th YOCOCU2022 Christmas Edition Conference, which this year took place from 7 to 10 December at the Frankfurt Telecommunications Museum ( The video was made to illustrate the study entitled "Exposure of UNESCO sites to extreme meteorological events: case study of Alberobello (Southern Italy)", carried out in collaboration with colleagues from the ISAC unit in Rome Fernanda Prestileo, Stefano Dietrich, Stefano Federico and Claudia R. Torcasio together with Riccardo Biondi of the University of Padua and Alberico Sonnessa of the Polytechnic of Bari and presented as an oral contribution within the topic "Risk assessment for the protection of Cultural Heritage from anthropogenic and disasters", during the second session of the first day "Risk assessment and valorisation of cultural property".

Best Video Contribution Award motivation: for the combination between scientific innovation and dissemination research using multimedia tools.