Associazione Prof. Frank Silvio Marzano - Per Aspera Ad Astra


The Association Prof. Frank Silvio Marzano - Per Aspera Ad Astra - was founded for the promotion and funding of scientific research in the field of meteorology.

By supporting research, the Association wishes to remember Frank Silvio Marzano, a professor of electrical engineering at La Sapienza University in Rome, a distinguished meteorologist and brilliant atmospheric scientist who dedicated his entire life to research in the scientific field as a method of understanding reality, animated by a constant desire for evolution and faith in his own and others' abilities.

The Association intends to promote various initiatives in support of scientific research such as

   - prizes for the best scientific article and for the best Bachelor's and Master's thesis

   - provision of scholarships

   - support for events, debates, presentations, seminars, conferences, development of scientific projects

The decision on the awarding of prizes and scholarships etc. will be entrusted to a scientific committee composed of researchers and university professors who collaborated with Professor Frank Silvio Marzano (La Sapienza University - DIET, University of L'Aquila, CETEMPS, IEEE,, National Research Council, National Institute of Geology and Volcanology, CIMA Research Foundation and other experts in the field).

The Association wants to keep the memory alive, the essence alive, the love of knowledge that was Prof. Frank Silvio Marzano's greatest driving force.

To make this project possible, the support of all those who wish to share this initiative is essential.

Even a little can make a difference!

Donations to the Association can be made by bank transfer or credit card payment. Or by writing to: info@fsm-adastra

Bank account name : Associazione PROF. FRANK SILVIO MARZANO – PER ASPERA AD ASTRA

IBAN code: IT29 F050 3315 4000 0000 0106 593



Motivation : Erogazione liberale in memoria del Prof. Frank Silvio Marzano

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"It is good to ask yourself where you are going, even if the journey itself often takes you where you did not suspect. But if the rudder is in your heart, in your tenacity, in your passion, every landing place will be a rewarding discovery'. Frank Silvio Marzano