VIII ISAC Summer School 2022


20– 24 June 2022 Hotel Orsa Maggiore Castro Marina LE – Italy


Vincenzo Levizzani, CNR - ISAC, Bologna, Italy.
Microphysics and structure of cold and mixed phase clouds

Andrea Mazzino, University of Genova , Genova, Italy.
Atmospheric thermodynamics, warm cloud formation and precipitation

Sasha Madronich, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Boulder, Colorado, USA.
Feedbacks and interactions between the stratosphere and the tropospheric composition

Mario Marcello Miglietta, CNR - ISAC, Padova, Italy.
Extra-tropical cyclones and Medicanes

Umberto Rizza, CNR - ISAC, Lecce, Italy. Transport of aerosols in the Mediterranean Basin: feedbacks with meteorology

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Castro Marina, Lecce, Italy