Mobile Laboratory for environmental surveys

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The Mobile Laboratory for environmental surveys is a Mercedes van fully equipped for the detection of meteorological/micrometeorological parameters, concentrations of gaseous and particulate pollutants. The Laboratory is equipped with: • Meteorological/micrometeorological station based on 3D sonic anemometry at high temporal resolution for application of eddy-covariance on a telescopic mast (10 m). • Automatic nitrogen oxides (NO, NO2 and NOx) concentration detector (Teledyne T-API Chemiluminescence Nitrogen Oxides Analyzer Model 200E). • Automatic ozone detector (Teledyne T-API Ozone Analyzer 400E). • Gas chromatograph for BTX measurements (Benzene, Toluene and Xilene), Syntech Spectra GC855 system with 15 minutes time resolution and zero-span gas calibration system. • Automatic sequential sampler for PM1, PM2.5 or PM10 (Thermo ESM Andersen FE95SEQ) for collection on filter substrate. • Manual sampler for PM1, PM2.5 or PM10 collection on filters. • Multi-stage impactor MOUDI II, with 11 rotating stages and back-up filter (range from 56 nm to 18 μm) • Condensation Particle Counter (CPC – Grimm 5.403) for measurement of number concentrations of particles (range 5-1000 nm) at a resolution of 1Hz. • Optical Particle Counter (OPC – Grimm 1.109) for measurement of aerosol size distribution in the range 0.25-30 µm. • Two Optical detectors of PM2.5 Mie-pDR-1200 with (1Hz) resolution. The Mobile Laboratory is used for measurement campaigns of short and medium term. It is insulated and equipped with a dual conditioning system to limit the internal temperature during the hot season. It is also equipped with a PC for data acquisition with a connection to the GSM network for remote management and data transmission. The interior equipment can be modified to fit the needs of specific measurement campaigns.

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