Atmospheric Composition Observatory - San Pietro Capofiume

The meteorological station “Giorgio Fea”, located at the rural site of St. Pietro Capofiume (BO), it is owned by ARPA Emilia Romagna and CNR collaborates and implements continuous measurements and performs field experiments for over thirty years. It is equipped for online monitoring of gases ( sulfur dioxide , ammonia, nitrogen oxides , ozone) , particulate matter sampling for atmospheric chemical speciation, speciation in continuous of non refractory chemical species ( by Aerosol Mass Specrometer, AMS) and measurements of number concentration ( by twin - DMPS in collaboration with the University of Kuopio). The station currently is part of the project SUPERSITO . ARPA also runs radar measurements, radio soundings and operates a phenological station. Support structures to research activities are available at the field station: a chemistry laboratory , wi-fi covering the entire area, distribution of electric current through specific towers in different locations of the field, a two-storey tower suitable for sampling up to 7 meters. Because of these characteristics, the station is used for field campaigns in the framework of national and international projects. The station is part of the international network ACTRIS ( 

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