Research themes by ISAC-CNR within UniBO Phd Programme "Future Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenges"

Decreto Rettorale 641/2023 (UniBO)


The Institute for Atmospheric Sciences and Climate (ISAC) is funding three PhD theses in co-supervision with the University of Bologna, within the 39th Cycle of the PhD Programme "Future Earth, Climate Change and Societal Challenges".

The following themes are proposed (more details in the attachments):


  • "Hierarchies of models and optimization methods for the study of 'tipping points' in the climate system"

    • Contacts: Valerio Lembo (v.lembo [at], Susanna Corti (s.corti [at]


  • "Energy balance, radiation and climate feedbacks in Earth System models"

    • Contacts: Federico Fabiano (f.fabiano [at], Paolo Davini (p.davini [at]


  • "Passive remote sensing measurements for the investigation of atmospheric components and satellite validation"

    • Contacts: Elisa Castelli (e.castelli [at]


  • "Radiative transfer codes for the study of terrestrial and extraterrestrial atmospheres"

    • Contacts: Enzo Papandrea (e.papandrea [at]


Deadline: 20/06/2023

Link to the research themes

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