Welcome to Enrico Arnone's website. I am currently based in Bologna (Italy) working at the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, part of the group of Remote Sensing of the Stratosphere and P.I. of ESA Changing Earth Science Network CHIMTEA Fellowship.

This website is an effort to link together people and resources from the different fields I am active into. The link Science leads to my research in climate, atmospheric and space physics, Edu to educational and outreach activities, Human to my experience in development, Life deals with my whereabouts. Follow Teaching to get direct information for students.

Enrico Arnone, January 2011

This is the inverse image of sprites, spectacular discharges that occur above thunderstorms (read more).

NEWS: the sprite ASIM experiment promoted by our science team approved for phase C/D by ESA.

NEWS: CHIMTEA selected and funded by ESA Changing Earth Science Network.

NEWS: Ozone 2011: MIPAS2D data retrieved by our research group at ISAC-CNR and DCFI-University of Bologna shows record depletion of Arctic ozone in February-March 2011 as also observed by other international instruments..


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