7th IPWG Workshop on Precipitation Measurements
Tsukuba, 17-21 November, 2014


Session 1 - Introduction

1.1Welcome and Introduction
R. Oki
1.2Goal of IPWG7
N.-Y. Wang, and K. Aonashi
1.3WMO Priorities and Perspectives on IPWG
R. R. Ferraro, and S. Bojinski

SESSION 2 - GPM Overviews

SESSION 3 - Satellite Program Status

3.1Observation of water-related parameters by GCOM-W/AMSR2
M. Kachi, T. Maeda, H. Tsutsui, and K. Imaoka
3.2The status of NOAA/NESDIS precipitation algorithms and products
R. R. Ferraro, L. Zhao, S. A. Boukabara, T. Islam, S. Kidder, R. J. Kuligowski, H. Meng, P. Meyers, I. Moradi, B. R. Nelson, S. Rudlosky, T. Smith, J.-J. Wang, N.-Y. Wang, Y. You, and J. Zhan
3.3Impact of Megha-Tropiques data in GPM constellation based rainfall estimation
R. Roca
3.4Prospects for the microwave constellation
G. J. Huffman

SESSION 4 - Algorithms I

4.1Comparison of DPR and GMI precipitation rate estimates
S. Seto, and T. Iguchi
4.2Initial GPROF GPM results using a GPM derived database
C. D. Kummerow, D. Randel, P. Kirstetter, N.-Y. Wang, V. Petkovic, M. Kulie, and R. R. Ferraro
4.3Multi-platform rain retrieval intercomparison
N. Viltard, A. Martini, and C. Dufour
4.4Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP) product in the GPM era
T. Kubota, K. Aonashi, M. Kachi, T. Ushio, S. Shige, Y. N. Takayabu, and R. Oki
4.5Towards the consideration of surface and environment variables for a microwave precipitation algorithm over land
N.-Y. Wang, Y. You, and R. R. Ferraro
4.6Shallow orographic heavy rainfall in the Asian monsoon region observed by TRMM PR
S. Shige, and C. D. Kummerow

SESSION 5 - Poster I

P1.1Next generation GSMaP MWI precipitation retrieval algorithm
K. Aonashi
P1.2Towards an automatic phase distinction algorithm of optical disdrometer data over the ocean
J. Burdanowitz, C. Klepp, and S. Bakan
P1.3CDRD and PNPR passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithms: Extension to the MSG full disk area within H-SAF
G. Panegrossi, D. Casella, P. Sanò, S. Dietrich, A. C. Marra, and M. Petracca
P1.5Performance evaluations of falling snow using the Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) radiometer retrieval algorithm
G. Skofronick-Jackson, S. J. Munchak, and B. T. Johnson
P1.6Simulation of melting ice-phase precipitation hydrometeors for use in passive and active microwave remote sensing algorithms
B. T. Johnson, W. Olson, and G. Skofronick-Jackson
P1.7Using the Megha-Tropiques SAPHIR sounder for rain: Detection, forward observation operator (for DA), and retrievals
S. Kacimi, and Z. Haddad
P1.9Characterization of the microphysics of ice in tropical convection
A. Martini
P1.10Rain retrieval using the SAPHIR water vapor sounder on Megha-Tropiques
A. Martini
P1.11Gage Adjusted Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP Gauge)
T. Mega, T. Ushio, T. Kubota, M. Kachi, K. Aonashi, and S. Shige
P1.12H-SAF future development on convective precipitation retrieval
D. Melfi, D. Biron, A. Vocino, F. Zauli, L. De Leonibus, M. Sist, M. De Rosa, and M. Picchiani
P1.13Snowfall rate retrieval using ATMS measurements
H. Meng, R. R. Ferraro, C. Kongoli, N.-Y. Wang, J. Dong, B. Zavodskey, B. Yan, and L. Zhao
P1.15Microphysical properties of precipitation over complex terrain inferred from TRMM, GPM, and IPHEX observations
S. J. Munchak, and S. Shige
P1.16Constructing a physically-consistent database for passive microwave precipitation retrievals over land
S. E. Ringerud, C. D. Kummerow, and C. D. Peters-Lidard
P1.17The error model of the TAPEER rainfall estimation product
N. Taburet, P. Chambon, and R. Roca
P1.18Convective/stratiform classification from passive microwave observations: Developing the PMW-CLASS algorithm and performance evaluation
S. Hristova-Veleva, E.-K. Seo, O. Sy, and Z. S. Haddad
P1.19Post-GPM rain retrieval and 3-D wind retrieval: The DYCECT mission
N. Viltard, A. Martini, and Y. Lemaître
P1.20Improvement of the orographic/nonorographic rainfall classification scheme with a static stability information in the GSMaP algorithm
M. K. Yamamoto, and S. Shige

SESSION 6 - Validation I

SESSION 7 - Precipitation Datasets

SESSION 8 - Applications I

SESSION 9 - Algorithms II

SESSION 10 - New Technologies

10.1Plans and concepts for future radar observations
S. Tanelli, E. Im, S. Durden, G. L. Stephens, G. Sadowy, E. Peral, O. Sy, S. Van DenHeever, and P. Racette
10.2Passive microwave imagers
C. Kidd
10.3A cloud-precipitation mission concept for studying cloud and precipitation processes with application to climate models
G. Skofronick-Jackson, G. L. Stephens, C. D. Kummerow, A. da Silva, and J. Mace

SESSION 11 - Poster II

P2.1Hydrologic application and assessment of remotely sensed high resolution precipitation products over cold-mountainous regions
A. Behrangi, K. Andreadis, J. B. Fisher, F. J. Turk, S. Granger, T. Painter, and N. Das
P2.2The oceanic shipboard precipitation measurement network for surface validation - OceanRAIN
C. Klepp, J. Burdanowitz, S. Bakan, and N. Albern
P2.3Reliability of satellite rainfall retrieval against surface rainfall observation under weather extremes
C.-T. Chen, T.-P. Tzeng, and A. Kitoh
P2.4Evaluation of Global Satellite Mapping of Precipitation (GSMaP) project daily precipitation estimates over the Chinese mainland
Z. Chen
P2.5Validation of the CHIRPS satellite rainfall estimate
T. Dinku
P2.6An alternative ground reference in rain-gauge-poor regione: Estimation of rainfall using commercial microwave links. First results in Africa!
A. Doumounia, M. Gosset, F. Cazenave, F. Zougmoré, and M. Kacou
P2.7Investigation on H-SAF preoperational precipitation product H-15 findings using ground based data sources
R. Iwański, and B. Łapeta
P2.8Validation of satellite-based precipitation estimates: Preliminary results from GPROF using GPM database for the CHUVA field campaigns
R. A. J. Oliveira, and D. A. Vila
P2.9Evaluating GPM Level II precipitation products at fine scale over the Conterminous United States: Preliminary results
P. E. Kirstetter, Y. Hong, J. J. Gourley, N. Carr, F. J. Turk, Q. Cao, J. Zhang, W. Petersen, M. Schwaller, E. N. Anagnostou, R. R. Ferraro, N.-Y. Wang, and C. D. Kummerow
P2.10Satellite precipitation tools - Met Online evaluation system for satellite products
P. A. Kucera, B. Brown, and Z. Liu
P2.11An error model for satellite precipitation products
V. Maggioni, M. R. P. Sapiano, R. F. Adler, G. J. Huffman, and Y. Tian
P2.12Ground validation of the Dual-frequency Precipitation Radar with the phased array weather radar
Y. Hirano, T. Mega, and T. Ushio
P2.13Validation and monitoring of NOAA's AMSR2 precipitation product
P. Meyers, R. R. Ferraro, N.-Y. Wang, and P. Chang
P2.14Evaluation and improvement of satellite-based daily precipitation products over the Tibetan Plateau
Y. Shen, A. Xiong, Y. Hong, J. Yu, Y. Pan, and Z. Chen
P2.15Accuracy of satellite-based rainfall estimates in small mountainous catchments: A case of Khudi Khola
M. S. Shrestha, S. R. Bajracharya, and A. Sharma
P2.17Validation of near-real time satellite rainfall products over different homogeneous regions of India and assessment of its bias based on topographical analysis
S. Upadhyaya, R. Ramsankaran, and A. Kumar
P2.18NARVAL - Airborne remote sensing of clouds and precipitation for satellite validation with HALO
M. Mech, E. Orlandi, F. Ament, S. Crewell, A. Fix, M. Hagen, C. Klepp, and B. Stevens
P2.19Evaluation of satellite based Quantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPEs) over CONUS (2002-2012): Comparison with surface and radar precipitation datasets
O. Prat, B. R. Nelson, L. Vasquez, R. R. Ferraro, S. Rudlosky, and J.-J. Wang
P2.20Development and exploitation of a long-term rainfall dataset for Africa
R. Maidment, D. Grimes, R. Allan, E. Tarnavsky, M. Stringer, E. Black, and T. Dinku

SESSION 12 - Validation II

12.1Precipitation error structure and representation
Y. Tian, C. D. Peters-Lidard, G. J. Huffman, R. F. Adler, L. Tang, F. J. Turk, J. Eylander, A. Behrangi, R. Joyce, P. Xie, B. Yong, S. Chen, V. Maggioni, H. Wu, M. R. P. Sapiano, X. Lin, K.-L. Hsu, T. Kubota, T. Ushio, E. Habib
12.2TAPEER-BRAIN daily rainfall validation over the tropics and comparison with other products
M. Gosset, and the MT Science & MTGV teams
12.3Comparison between the GMI GPROF precipitation product of GPM and ground reference data over Europe by the H-SAF Precipitation Products Validation Group
S. Puca, A. Rinollo, W. A. Petersen, D. B. Wolff, E. F. Stocker, J. Kaňák, G. Koshinchanov, H. Hristov, J. Kerényi, R. Iwański, B. Łapeta, F. Porcù, and G. Vulpiani
12.4Evaluation of satellite-based rainfall products over the Brahmaputra basin
S. R. Bajracharya, W. Palash, and M. Shrestha

SESSION 13 - Applications II

13.1Bias correction of PERSIANN-CCS estimation using PMW rainfall
K.-L. Hsu, N. Karbalaee, D. Braithwaite, and S. Sorooshian
13.2QPE evaluation for the 2013 Colorado flood
P. A. Kucera, A. Newman, C. Klepp, and J. Burdanowitz
13.3Towards an object-oriented validation system for high-resolution NWP models
J. L. Bytheway, and C. D. Kummerow
13.4Toward downscaling the Megha- Tropiques rainfall products: Detection issues over West Africa
C. Guilloteau, R. Roca, and M. Gosset
13.5H-SAF future developments on convective precipitation retrieval
F. Zauli, D. Biron, D. Melfi, A. Vocino, M. Sist, M. De Rosa, M. Picchiani, and L. De Leonibus

SESSION 14 - Poster III

P3.1Aerosol effects in different types of precipitating clouds in the Amazon
R. Campos Braga, R. Ifanger Albrecht, and D. A. Vila
P3.2Uncertainties and scales in satellite rainfall products: Case study of the Niger River floods in Niamey
M. Gosset, C. Cassé, M. Alcoba, and C. Guilloteau
P3.3Study on the trends of microwave land surface emissivity and precipitation characteristics derived from TRMM
F. A. Furuzawa, and H. Masunaga
P3.4Analysis and investgation of extreme rainfall events combining different data sources
S. Gabriele, S. Laviola, M. M. Miglietta, L. Baldini, S. Dietrich, S. Federico, and G. P. Marra
P3.5Characteristic differences between the heaviest rainfall and the tallest storms
A. Hamada, Y. Takayabu, K. Nakagawa, T. Iguchi, C. Liu, and E. J. Zipser
P3.7Online intercomparison of satellite-based global precipitation products: Challenges, progress and future directions
Z. Liu
P3.8Variability of climatic elements in Nigeria over recent 100 years
T. Salami, O. S. Idowu, and N. J. Bello
P3.9Global tracking and life cycle analysis of storms using a decade of satellite observations
R. Esmaili, Y. Tian, and D. A. Vila
P3.10JAXA GPM mission operation system overview and GPM data distribution from G-Portal
T. Nio, T. Konishi, N. Saito, M. Fuda, N. Ikeda, A. Yoneyama, Y. Fujita, and Y. Ikehata
P3.11Verifying precipitation forecasts with satellite rainfall products taking into account their uncertainties
P. Chambon, G. Faure, and N. Taburet
P3.12Adaptive observation operator for microwave radiances affected by frozen precipitation in Goddard Ensemble Data Assimilation System
P. Chambon, S. Q. Zhang, W. Olson, and L. Liao
P3.13Development of GPM/DPR data assimilation at JMA
Y. Ikuta
P3.14GPM/DPR precipitation compared with the 3.5-km-resolution NICAM simulation
S. Kotsuki, K. Terasaki, and T. Miyoshi
P3.15Towards the assimilation of space-borne precipitation radar in the ensemble-based variational scheme
K. Okamoto, K. Aonashi, and T. Tashima
P3.16Recent developments and releases of precipitation products from the German Weather Service and the EUMETSAT CM SAF
A. Andersson, A. Becker, K. Fennig, F. Dietzsch, E. Rustemeier, U. Schneider, M Schröder, and M. Ziese
P3.17Future changes in precipitation associated with the Baiu front in the CMIP5 simulations
C. Yokoyama, Y. N. Takayabu, and S. Kanada
P3.18Developing consistent precipitation estimates from microwave radiometers for GPM and long-term climate applications
W. Berg
P3.19PERSIANN-CDR: A daily precipitation climate data record
K.-L. Hsu, H. Ashouri, D. Braithwaite, and S. Sorooshian
P3.20GPM data products, their availability and production status
E. F. Stocker, O. Kelley, J. Kwiatkowski, and Y. Li

SESSION 15 - Working Groups Breakout Session 1

SESSION 16 - Working Groups Breakout Session 2

SESSION 17 - Working Groups Breakout Session 3

SESSION 18 - Working Groups Reports

18.1IPWG7 Applications Working Group Report
Chair: A. Behrangi, Rapporteur: P. A. Kucera
18.2IPWG7 Research Activity Working Group Report
Chair: S. Shige, Rapporteur: B. T. Johnson
18.3IPWG7 Validation Working Group Report
Chair: V. Maggioni, Rapporteur: P. Meyers
18.4IPWG7 Data Assimilation Working Group Report
Chair: S. A. Boukabara, Rapporteur: K. Okamoto
18.5IPWG7 New Technology Working Group Report
Chair: T. L'Ecuyer, Rapporteur: T. Kubota

SESSION 19 - Arthur Y. Hou Memorial Session on Precipitation Data Assimilation

Closing remarks

IPWG7 Wrap-up
N.-Y. Wang, and K. Aonashi