6th IPWG Workshop
São José dos Campos, 15-19 October, 2012


Opening Session / Welcome

Introduction to the workshop
P. Kucera/B. Lapeta
Update on IPWG Activities
P. Kucera/B. Lapeta

SESSION 1 - Program Status updates, Global Scale, and Climatology

Coordination Group on Meteorological Satellites
M. Goldberg and V. Gärtner
WMO Priorities and Perspectives on IPWG
S. Bojinski
GPM Mission Overview and Status
A. Y. Hou (presented by G. J. Huffman)
Megha-Tropiques Mission Status
N. Viltard and the MT Science Team
The HOAPS Climatology Version 3.2 release and CMIP-5 climate model evaluation using satellite data sets + GPCC News
A. Andersson, K. Fennig, C. Klepp, S. Bakan, A. Becker, and K. Schamm
Global Precipitation: A Time to Rethink the Representation of Data Products?
C. Kidd
Status of the AMSR2 and the GCOM-W1
M. Kachi, and K. Imaoka with the GCOM-W1 Project Team

SESSION 2 - Precipitation Applications

SESSION 3 - Precipitation Datasets

SESSION 4 - Algorithms

SESSION 5 - Validation, Verification, and Uncertainty

SESSION 6 - New Methods, NWP, and Future Activities

Heading Toward Launch with the Integrated Multi-satellitE Retrievals for GPM (IMERG)
G. J. Huffman, D. T. Bolvin, D. Braithwaite, K.-L. Hsu, R. Joyce, C. Kidd, S. Sorooshian, and P. Xie
Integration of PERSIANN-CCS to the Multi-satellite Precipitation Estimation Algorithm
K.-L. Hsu, A. Behrangi, and S. Sorooshian
Severe Storms over the Mediterranean Sea: A Satellite and Model Analysis
V. Levizzani, S. Laviola, A. Malvaldi, M. M. Miglietta, and E. Cattani
Ice Water Path (IWP) Retrieval in Convective Clouds and Life Cycle Information Using Passive Microwave Sensors
R. C. Braga
An Experimental Study of the Rainfall Variability in the Southern Delmarva Peninsula. Part I: Climatology and Physical Variability
M. F. L. de Quadro, D. L. Herdies, E. H. Berbery, L. G. de Goncalves, and M. A. F. da Silva Dias


Quasi-Global Precipitation as Depicted in the GPCP V2.2 and TMPA V7
G.J. Huffman, D.T. Bolvin, E.J. Nelkin, and R.F. Adler
Improving Daily Satellite Rainfall Estimated over Africa by Merging with National Raingauge Observations
T. Dinku
The behavior of the TAPEER-BRAIN algorithm over the Tropical Oceans
P. Chambon, J. Aublanc, and R. Roca
EUMETSAT's role in the provision of precipitation related satellite data
T. Heinemann, and V. Gärtner
Current Status of the AMSR2 and the GCOM-W1 "SHIZUKU"
M. Kachi, and K. Imaoka
Raindrop size distribution and rainfall characteristics from CHUVA field experiments
R. Albrecht, I. Costa, C. Morales, J. Sakuragi, L. Machado, and A. Tokay
Fundamental Climate Data Record of SSM/I brightness temperatures released from CM SAF
K. Fennig, M. Schröder, and A. Andersson
Gridded analysis products and quality control provided by the Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC)
M. Ziese, U. Schneider, A. Meyer-Christoffer, P. Finger, K. Schamm, A. Becker, and B. Rudolf
Analysis of Quantitative Precipitation Estimation (QPE) Based on Merging Multiple Source of Observation data
D. Qi , G. Yue, Z. Bo, and C. Liu
Operational QPE using radar, gauge and satellite for hydrometeorological applications in southern Brazil SIPREC
L. Calvetti
Structural Interrelationships between Evaporation and Precipitation: Application of Complex Networks to Satellite based Fields
I. Petrova, and A. Loew
A Fundamental Climate Data Record of Intercalibrated Brightness Temperature Data from 25 Years of SSM/I and SSMIS Observations
W. Berg, M. Sapiano, C. Kummerow, N. Rodriguez-Alvarez, and F. Weng
Intertropical Convergence Zone Variability and your the relation with the hidroclimatology of Central America
E. Quiros Badilla


Comparative analysis of different satellite-based rainfall retrieval models over South America
E. P. Vendrasco, W. F. de Araújo, and D. A. Vila
Satellite rainfall retrievals validation: Spatial distribution of statistical parameters during winter and summer season
W. F. de Araújo Lima, E. P. Vendrasco, and D. A. Vila
Precipitation Retrieved from FY-3 Microwave Radiation Imager
R. You, X. Li, N. Lu, Y. Hu, and H. Qiu
Comparison of different TMI rainfall products over Ocean
X. Li, and W. Chen
Profiles and Integration of Water Vapor and Cloud and Rain Liquid Water over Brazil using Passive and Active Ground Sensors
A. Calheiros, and L. Machado
The EUMETSAT Hydrological Satellite Application Facility, the Precipitation Products Generation Suite at C.N.M.C.A.
D. Biron, D. Melfi, A. Vocino, M. Sist, L. Facciorusso, A. Agresta, F. Zauli, and L. De Leonibus
Development of a precipitation retrieval algorithm for passive microwave sounder
S. Kida, T. Kubota, M. Kachi, R. Oki, S. Shige, T. Mega, T. Ushio, K. Aonashi, and K. Okamoto
Validation of satellite precipitation estimates over South America with a network of high spatial resolution observations
M. P. Hobouchian, P. Salio, D. Vila, and Y. García Skabar
Characterization of the microphysics of ice in tropical convection for rain retrieval algorithms
A. Martini, N. Viltard, M. Gosset, P. Cazenave, and L. A. Toledo Machado
Ensemble-based variational assimilation method to incorporate microwave imager brightness temperatures into a cloud-resolving model
K. Aonashi
Ground based and TRMM precipitation radar profiles comparisosn in West Africa
M. Alcoba, M. Gosset
Ground validation of the Megha-Tropiques products by rain gages and radar data
M. Alcoba, M. Gosset, R.Roca, N. Viltard, and R. Augusto
Global Storm Tracking, Classification, Characterization and Analysis with Satellite-based Observations
R. Esmaili, D. Vila, and Y. Tian