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Andrea Buzzi

Anna Trevisan

Piero Malguzzi

Maurizio Fantini

Susanna Corti

Silvio Davolio


Oxana Drofa

Guido Fioravanti

Fabrizio Roccato

PhD Students

Massimo D'Isidoro

Matteo Zampieri

External Research Associate

Paola Cessi


Research Activity

Planetary Scale Dynamics:
  • Fundamental properties of the large scale circulation
  • Low frequency variability
  • Atmosphere-ocean coupled models of the general circulation
Atmospheric Predictability:
  • Application of dynamical system theory to low order atmospheric models
  • Development of local predictability measures in phase space
  • Statistical properties of error growth and prediction. Application to ensemble forecasting and data assimilation
Mesoscale Dynamics:
  • Orographic effects on atmospheric circulation, orographic cyclogenesis, frontal interaction with topography
  • Role of latent heat release and surface fluxes on baroclinic cyclones
  • Organized convective storms and their interaction with larger scale circulations.
  • Mesoscale Alpine Programme (MAP)
Numerical Modeling and Weather Prediction:
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Last Update: 12 February 2002