Climate Change Tower Integrated Project
A platform to investigate processes at the surface and in the low troposphere
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Supported by Ministry for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation
Real-time meteo data
(Tue 04 Aug 2020 12:50:00 AM CEST)
Height [m] 2 33
T [°C] 5.5 5.2
P [mbar] 1003 -
RH [%] 96 100
WS [m/sec] 0.2 0.5
WD [°] 23 0
Wind Chill Factor: NA

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Amundsen-Nobile CCT

The CCTower platform is a modular structure, composed by 17 modules (each module is 1.4 x 1.8 m; H =1.8 m), so that in the future an extension of 50 m height can be considered. With respect to power supply and data acquisition patch boxes were assembled every three floors to provide power supply and data connection with the hut through RJ45 sockets and 9 pin connectors. The devices in the HUT at the base of the platform. System was built in such a way to separate electrically each measurement so that a possible failure in one measurement does not affect the others.

Site where the CCTower was installed is opposite to the Nobile mast respect to the village and is a compromise between logistic and scientific constraints. From the Scientific point of view, flatness of the surface around the platform, relative position with respect to relevant orographic elements village, and prevailing winds, distance from the sea, were the considered features. The platform is oriented along the prevailing wind direction, with the shorter side in front to the wind. Near the platform a little hut was built to host computers, acquisition systems, and offer possibility for some flexibility in installation and maintenance. Being the hut very near the platform it is confused in the platform cone from a dynamical point of view. At the same time, the semi-space to South (SE- S-SW) remains free to allow good measurements of surface properties.

CCTower was connected to the Italian station with an optical fiber, to allow real time control and monitoring of measurements from Dirigibile Italia and/or Italy.