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Dario Camuffo

Dario Camuffo

Born in Padova (1941). Degree in Physics at the University of Padova (1966) and Professor of Physics (1968) at the High School. Lecturer (Professore a Contratto) of Atmospheric Physics (University of Padova, 1979-2004); Physics for Artwork Restoration (University of Padova, since 2004); Physics for Cultural Heritage (Accademia Cignaroli, Verona, since 2003). Since 1969 he works at the National Research Council of Italy (CNR), where is Research Director (since 1991) at the Institute of Atmospheric Science and Climate.

In the field of the air pollution has he has studied the problem of atmospheric diffusion and transport in the Planetary Boundary Layer, the dry deposition of airborne particulate matter, the acid rain, and the influence of meteorological variables. He has been advisor to various governmental and international agencies, including NAPAP.

In the field of the conservation of the cultural heritage, he has given contributions on pollutant deposition, humidity and condensation, stone weathering, the microclimate and its interactions with works of art, either indoor (museums, churches, historical buildings) and outdoor. He was called to study the problems of monuments and museums in Europe or included in the UNESCO's World List of the Cultural Heritage.

In the field of climatology he studies the climate changes over the last 2 millennia, in relationship with the natural forcing factors, e.g. solar and volcanic activity. To this aim he has organised a Data Bank which includes data and metadata concerning many thousands of meteorological events and climatic anomalies, taken from documentary sources. He has also studied some long daily instrumental series (beginning in the early 18th century) e.g. temperature, precipitation, air pressure and other meteorological observations.

At the present, he is member of the Directorate of the Italian Geophysical Society (AGI) and has also been member of the Directorate of the Italian Association for the Study of the Quaternary (AIQUA). He has been President of the Scientific Council of the CNR Institute for the Science of the Atmosphere and the Ocean (ISAO, Bologna) and member of the Scientific Council of the CNR Institute for Atmospheric Pollution (IIA, Rome). He is, or has been, member of the Editorial Board of the journals: Climatic Change, QUINIO, Bollettino Geofisico, Environment and History, Environmental History Newsletter, European Cultural Heritage Newsletter on Research.

He is chairman of a Working Group for Italian Normative on Cultural Heritage concerning Museums and is member of other Working Commissions concerning Cultural Heritage at national (UNI/NORMAL) and international (CEN) level.

He is, or has been, member of several working commissions established by the European Commission, UNESCO, Italian Ministries (i.e. Health, Cultural Property, Environment, University and Scientific Research) as well as Regional and Local Authorities including the Regional Committee against the Atmospheric Pollution in the Veneto Region (CRIAV), the Commission against Urban Pollution (Italian Ministry for the Environment), the National Commission for the Scientific and Technologic Research applied to the Cultural Heritage (Italian Minister of the University and Scientific and Technologic Research). He has been responsible for several research projects, 9 of them funded by the European Commission. He organised and taught in a number of Advanced Courses, funded by the Council of Europe, European Commission, UNESCO, ICCROM, Community of Mediterranean Universities.

He wrote some 200 scientific papers, including 100 articles in international refereed journals, 25 chapters in books and 3 full books.

Mother tongue: Italian.
Other known languages: English and French.

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