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Historical Buildings



Detection of Risk Areas, Microclimate, Humidity and Dampness, Heating, Air Conditioning, Lighting, Air Pollution and Soiling, Deterioration Mechanisms, Stone Weathering, Impact of Mass Tourism and Reuse, Multidisciplinary Enviromental Analyses, Mitigative Remedies.


View of Ara Pacis, Rome
 UNESCO's logo UNESCO's World List of Cultural Heritage Ara Pacis, Rome

Main problems: Traffic pollution, particles deposition, green-house effect.

  • Camuffo, D. and Bernardi, A., 1996: Deposition of Urban Pollution on the Ara Pacis, Rome. The Science of the Total Environment, 189/190, 235-245.
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Historic Anatomy Theatre of University of Padova
Historic Anatomy Theatre, University of Padova

Main problems: Microclimate injuries to wooden structures, particles deposition, mass tourism

  • Camuffo, D. and Bernardi, A., 1997: Controlling the Microclimate and the Particulate Matter inside the Historic Anatomic Theatre, Padova. Museum Management and Curatorship, 15, 285-298.
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Frescoes on a wall of the Giant Hall
Giant's Hall in Da Carrara Palace, Padova

Main problems: Reuse of the Hall for concerts and conferences, heating and air conditioning, lighting, safeguarding of frescoes and wooden ceiling, soiling

  • Camuffo, D., Pagan, E., Bernardi, A. and Becherini, F., 2004: The impact of heating, lighting and people in re-using historical buildings: a case study, Journal of Cultural Heritage, 5, 409-416.
  • Camuffo, D. and Bernardi, A., 1995: Study of the Microclimate of the Hall of the Giants in the Carrara Palace in Padova. Studies in Conservation, 40, 237-249.
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Theatre Zandonai
Historical Theatre Zandonai, Rovereto

Main problems: Safeguarding to wooden structures and painting decorations, heating and use

  • Camuffo, D., Bernardi, A., Becherini, F., Camuffo, M., 2001: Relazione sulle indagini microclimatiche al Teatro Comunale R.Zandonai in Rovereto. CNR-ICTIMA, Padova.
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Ducal Palace, Urbino
 UNESCO's logo UNESCO's World List of Cultural Heritage Ducal Palace, Urbino

Main problems: Stone decay and bas-reliefs deterioration for enviromental dampness.

  • Bernardi, A., Camuffo, D., Del Monte, M., and Sabbioni, C., 1985: Microclimate and Weathering of a Historical Building: the Ducal Palace in Urbino. The Science of the Total Environment, 46, 243-260.
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