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Main Contracts

Research contracts to fund the scientific activity are welcome.
Specific studies are performed under request of third parties to identify conservation problems and find solutions.

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European climate of the last millennium

Principal investigator: D. Camuffo (2006-2009)

Programme Environment and Climate contr. no: 017008 (GOCE)

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Improved understanding of past climatic variability from early daily European instrumental sources

Coordinator D. Camuffo (1998-1999)

Programme Environment and Climate contr. ENV4-CT97-0511

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Reconstruction of the past Climate of Venice and the Po Valley and Application of the Methodology to Southern Italy.

Project Leader: D. Camuffo (1989-1995)

Jointly supported by European Science Foundation and CNR, programme: Climate, Environment and Southern Italy.

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Reconstruction of Past Mediterranean Climate in the Historical Period.

Coordinator: D. Camuffo (1987-1990)

Climate and Natural Hazards Programme of the European Commission DGXII. Contract CEE-CNR EV4C-0082-I-(A).


Analysis of the climate changes generated by the global warming: impacts on the Venice area (funded by CORILA)

Head of Unit: D.Camuffo (2001-2006)



Active project