8th IPWG and 5th IWSSM Joint Workshop
Bologna, 3-7 October, 2016


Tuesday 4 October

Session 7 - Poster 1: Algorithms & Validation 14.00-16.00

Chairs: C. Kidd and the Poster Award Committee

P1.1Absolute performance of drop size distribution fittings applied to 2DVD measurements from GPM Ground Validation campaigns
E. Adirosi, E. Volpi, F. Lombardo, and L. Baldini
P1.2Validation study of H-SAF precipitation micro-wave retrieval (Level 2) over West Africa using X-pol radar and rain gauges observations
M. Alcoba, M. Gosset, G. Panegrossi, M. Kacou, D. Casella, A. C. Marra, P. Sanò, and S. Dietrich
P1.3Investigation on CDRD and GPROF performance over central Amazon region during GoAmazon/CHUVA campaigns
L. Amaral, G. Panegrossi, D. Casella, A. C. Marra, P. Sanò, S. Dietrich, and D. Vila
P1.4A low cost acoustic disdrometer as citizen sensor for rainfall measurements
A. Antonini, A. Mazza, S. Melani, F. Sabatini, and A. Ortolani
P1.5The next generation GSMaP MWI precipitation algorithm: Improvement of the first guess of physical variables based on MWI TB statistical error analysis
K. Aonashi
P1.6Comparison of DPR precipitation products with dense raingauge network data over Italy
M. Buiat, L. P. D'Adderio, and F. Porcù
P1.7GPM Level One Requirements Validation with High-Resolution Radar Network over DFW Metroplex
V. Chandrasekar, H. Chen, W. A. Petersen, and S. K. Biswas
P1.8Validation of the CHIRPS Satellite Rainfall Estimate over East Africa
T. Dinku
P1.9The Status of NOAA/NESDIS Operational Polar Satellite Precipitation Products
R. Ferraro, L. Zhao, H. Meng, P. Meyers, and C. Grassotti
P1.10Development and Assessment of Precipitation Products from the NOAA Microwave Integrated Retrieval System (MiRS) Algorithm
C. Grassotti, S. Liu, J. Chen, Q. Liu, and F. Iturbide
P1.11High resolution probabilistic detection and quantitative estimation of precipitation from satellite observations: Simulating fine scale spatio-temporal variability
C. Guilloteau, V. Venugopal, R. Roca, and M. Gosset
P1.12Assessment of satellite precipitation estimates over the slopes of the subtropical Andes
M. P. Hobouchian, P. Salio, Y. García Skabar, D. Vila, and R. Garreaud
P1.13Shifting from Version 3 to 4 in IMERG
G. J. Huffman, D. T. Bolvin, D. Braithwaite, K. Hsu, R. Joyce, C. Kidd, E. Nelkin, S. Sorooshian, J. Tan, P. Xie, and G. Skofronick-Jackson
P1.14Latitudinally, Seasonally, and Surface Type Dependent Zenith-Angle Corrections for AVHRR GAC 4km Brightness Temperatures
R. Joyce, P. Xie, and S. Wu
P1.15Defining a simple 3D precipitation retrieval scheme
C. Kidd
P1.16A method of rain and snow classifications for GPM-DPR
T. Kobayashi, M. Nomura, S. Sugimoto, H. Hirakuchi, and A. Adachi
P1.17Development of Innovative Technology to Expand Precipitation Observations in Under-developed Data-sparse Regions
P. Kucera, and M. Steinson
P1.18The GOES-R Rainfall Rate Algorithm: Preparing for Deployment
R. J. Kuligowski, Y. Li, and Y. Hao
P1.19Error Characterization of TMPA-RT V7 Estimates over Krishna River Basin in India
A. Kumar, and R. Ramsankaran
P1.20Results from GPM GPROF V4 and Improvements Planned for V5
C. Kummerow, D. Randel, and V. Petkovic
P1.21Analysis of mid-latitudes stratiform precipitation using satellite-derived and ground data
B. Lapeta
P1.22Combining radar, satellite and NWP data for precipitation estimation
Y.-R. Lee, and D.-B. Shin
P1.23Improving the performance of bottom-up precipitation products using stochastic error modeling
V. Maggioni, C. Massari, L. Brocca, and L. Ciabatta
P1.24Verification study over Africa and Europe of gridded daily precipita(on estimates obtained by merging multiple microwave-based satellite products
A. C. Marra, G. Panegrossi, D. Casella, P. Sanò, S. Dietrich, L. Ciabatta, C. Massari, and L. Brocca
P1.25An assessment of the performance of satellite precipitation estimates without gauge observations: the added value of SM2RAIN rainfall estimates
C. Massari, W. Crow, and L. Brocca
P1.26Observation of clouds and precipitation with the remote sensing suite on the research aircraft HALO during the NARVAL II and NAWDEX campaigns
M. Mech, S. Crewell, B. Stevens, F. Ament, L. Hirsch, and M. Hagen
P1.27NEFODINA2: A new detection of convection for H-SAF convective precipitation product
D. Melfi, D. Biron, F. Zauli, F. Del Frate, M. Sist, M. De Rosa, and M. Picchiani
P1.28Detection and Estimation of Light Precipitation from GPM GMI
S. J. Munchak, S. Ringerud, and D. Duncan
P1.29The Use of Satellite Rainfall Estimates Filling Observations Gaps over Zambia
E. Nkonde (no show)
P1.30Improvement of Rainfall Intensity from COMS using GPM GPROF products
K.-H. Park, G.-H. Ryu, Y.-B. Lee, and J.-D. Jang
P1.31GPM Level 1 Science Requirements: Science and performance viewed from the ground
W. Petersen, P. Kirstetter, D. Wolff, C. Kidd, A. Tokay, V. Chandrasekar, M. Grecu, G. Huffman, and G. Skofronick-Jackson
P1.32Warm rain precipitation over complex terrain: A new classification scheme
L. Porcacchia, P.-E. Kirstetter, J. J. Gourley, V. Maggioni, B.-L. Cheong, and M. N. Anagnostou
P1.33Performance of Microwave Disdrometer Pludix at very high rainfall rates
F. Prodi, D. Magurno, G. Trivellone, F. Congedo, V. Pupillo, and F. Pasqualucci
P1.34The TAPEER 1.5 algorithm: a double constellation implementation
R. Roca, M. Alcoba, P. Chambon, S. Cloché, S. Cloché, C. Dufour, M. Gosset, C. Guilloteau, E. Lorant, and N. Taburet
P1.35Optimization of Cloud-Radiation Databases for Passive Microwave Precipitation Retrievals over Ocean
E.-K. Seo, S.-D. Yang, G.-H. Ryu, M. Grecu, G. Liu, S. Hristova-Veleva, Y.-J. Noh, and Z. Haddad
P1.36Evaluation of CHIRPS wintertime precipitation estimates in Iran
R. Saeidizand, S. Sabetghadam, and E. Tarnavsky
P1.37The new PNPR algorithm for the cross-track scanning radiometer ATMS: description and verification study over Europe and Africa using GPM and TRMM spaceborne radars
P. Sanò, D. Casella, G. Panegrossi, A. C. Marra, and S. Dietrich
P1.38Results from IPWG Japan Validation Site
S. Shige, M. K. Yamamoto, A. Sugimoto, T. Mega, T. Ushio, T. Kubota, and M. Kachi
P1.39TRMM Data Improvement as Part of the GPM Data Processing
E. F. Stocker, Y. Ji, J. Kwiatkowski, O. Kelley, J. Stout, and L. Woltz
P1.40High Resolution Model Simulations for IFloodS, MC3E, OLYMPEX, LPVEx, and C3VP
W.-K. Tao, D. Wu, S. Lang, T. Iguchi, T. Matsui, J.-D. Chern, C. Peters-Lidard, W. Petersen, and G. Skofronick-Jackson (107 MB)
P1.41Modified-INSAT Multispectral Rainfall Algorithm (M-IMSRA) for Indian Land Region
S. Upadhyaya, and R. Ramsankaran
P1.42Real Time Monitoring of Global Precipitation from Space: New Technologies Applied to Heavy Rainfall Risk Reduction
D. Vila, and L. A. Toledo Machado
P1.43Combining IR and Lightning for Enhanced Geostationary Satellite Rain Estimates
N.-Y. Wang, and Y. Yu
P1.44Using ground-based observations to investigate precipitation variability across satellite sensor's field-of-view
C. R. Williams, W. Petersen, D. Wolff, and V. Chandrasekar
P1.45A Prototype Precipitation Retrieval Algorithm Over Land Using Passive Microwave Observations Stratified by Surface Condition and Precipitation Vertical Structure
Y. You, N.-Y. Wang, R. Ferraro, and P. Meyers
P1.46Satellite and ground-based observations of mixed-phase precipitation processes
R. Bennartz
P1.47Antarctic Precipitation, Remote Sensing from Surface and Space (the APRES3 Project)
A. Berne, B. Boudevillain, C. Claud, M. del Guasta, G. Delrieu, H. Gallée, C. Genthon, J. Grazioli, J. Kay, G. Krinner, T. L'Ecuyer, J.-B. Madeleine, C. Palerme, and N. Wood
P1.48Precipitation characterization from GPM field campaigns to better constrain spaceborne precipitation retrievals of snowfall
P. Borque, S. W. Nesbitt, and G. McFarquhar
P1.49A Database of Single Scattering Properties of Ice Particles at MW and sub-mm frequencies
R. Ekelund, P. Eriksson, and J. Mendrok
P1.50Floating Frozen Particle Orientation Inferred from Global Precipitation Measurement Microwave Imager (GMI) and Compact Scanning Submillimeter-wave Imaging Radiometer (CoSSIR) Polarimetric Measurements
J. Gong, and D. L. Wu
P1.51Cloud phase and its microwave signatures in snow clouds
M. Harada, S. Shige, and M. K. Yamamoto
P1.52A polarimetric scattering database for non-spherical ice particles at microwave wavelengths
Z. Jiang, Y. Lu, K. Aydin, J. Verlinde, E. E. Clothiaux, and G. Botta
P1.53How to constrain snow particle scattering models? A first approach using triple-frequency radar Doppler spectra
S. Kneifel, A. Battaglia, P. Kollias, J. Leinonen, M. Maahn, H. Kalesse, and F. Tridon
P1.54Status and progress report of the open single-scattering property (OpenSSP) database
K.-S. Kuo, M. R. Lammers, N. Niamsuwan, Z. Haddad, S. Tanelli, and W. S Olson
P1.55Simulations of microwave scattering using realistic snowflake models
J. Leinonen, D. Moisseev, W. Szyrmer, and S. Kneifel
P1.56Documenting microphysical processes of winter precipitation and their connection to Ze-S
A. von Lerber, D. Moisseev, D. Ori, J. Tiira, and W. Petersen
P1.57Electromagnetic Wave Scattering by Complex Ice Crystals and Snowflakes
K. McCusker, C. Westbrook, and A. Moiola
P1.58Atmospheric ice shape and orientation effects in sub-mm dual-polarization observations
J. Mendrok, P. Eriksson, R. Ekelund, and S. Fox
P1.59An Investigation of Precipitation-Induced Polarization at 166 GHz Observed by GMI
S. J. Munchak, I. S. Adams, and B. Johnson
P1.60Improving Bayesian Precipita(on Retrieval with Non- Spherical Ice Par(cle Radia(ve Transfer
S. Ringerud, G. Skofronick Jackson, M. Kulie, and D. Randel
P1.61The Performance and Validation of GPM's Falling Snow Retrieval Algorithms
G. Skofronick-Jackson, S. J. Munchak, S. Ringerud, and B. Lott
P1.62NWCSAF preparations for the Metop-SG MWI/ICI instrument suite
A. Thoss, P. Eriksson, and B. Rydberg
P1.63Quantifying the Snowfall Detection Performance of GMI Channels and GPM Constellation Radiometers over Land
Y. You, N.-Y. Wang, R. Ferraro, and S. Rudlosky

Wednesday 5 October

Session 10 - Poster 2: Science and Operations 14.00-16.00

Chairs: C. Kidd and the Poster Award Committee

P2.1On the analysis of rainfall trend across the agro-ecological zones in Nigeria
B. Aganbi, and E. Bello (no show)
P2.2Dual-Scale Neighboring Ensemble Variational Assimilation of Satellite Microwave Imager Brightness Temperatures for Typhoon ETAU
K. Aonashi, K. Okamoto, and T. Tashima
P2.3MSWEP: 3-hourly 0.25° global gridded precipitation (1979-2015) by merging gauge, satellite, and reanalysis data
H. Beck, A. van Dijk, V. Levizzani, J. Schellekens, D. Miralles, B. Martens, and A. de Roo
P2.4Analysis of hydrological changes and flood increase in Nier River in Niamey seen with PERSIANN-CDR over the 1983-2013 period
C. Cassé, M. Gosset, and B. Alkaly Tanimoun
P2.5East Africa precipitation variability during recent decades
E. Cattani, A. Merino, C. Wenhaji Ndomeni, J. A. Guijarro, and V. Levizzani
P2.6All-sky assimilation of the SAPHIR microwave sounder on-board Megha-Tropiques within the ECMWF data assimilation system
P. Chambon, and A. Geer
P2.7Typhoon rainfall intensity measurements based on microwave satellite observations using the best performed microphysics scheme from cloud resolving models
Y. Choi, and D.-B. Shin
P2.8A global ETCCDI-based precipitation climatology from satellite and rain gauge measurements
F. Dietzsch, A. Andersson, M. Schröder, M. Ziese, and A. Becker
P2.9Using Satellite Rainfall Estimates to Enhance National Climate Services in Africa
P2.10Potential benefit of a microwave sounder on-board a geostationary satellite onto Numerical Weather Prediction with meso-scale model
F. Duruisseau, P. Chambon, J.-F. Mahfouf, and R. Roca
P2.11The HOAPS Climatology V3.2 release compared to an extended version based on a 1D-Var retrieval
K. Graw, A. Andersson, M. Schröder, K. Fennig, S. Bakan, and C. Klepp
P2.12The Use of Satellite Rainfall Estimates for Assessing Impacts of ENSO over Tanzania
E. M. Igenge (no show)
P2.13Data Assimilation of GPM/DPR at JMA
Y. Ikuta
P2.14The Community Active Sensor Module (CASM)
B. T. Johnson, S. A. Boukabara, K. Garrett, and P. van Delst
P2.15Can Satellite data help us understanding Rainfall induced landslides at the global scale?
O. Marc, M. Gosset, and J.-P. Mallet
P2.16On the Land-Ocean Contrast of Tropical Convection and Microphysics Statistics Derived from TRMM Satellite Signals and Global Storm-Resolving Models (JHM paper)
T. Matsui, J.-D. Chern, W.-K. Tao, S. Lang, M. Satoh, T. Hashino, and T. Kubota
P2.17Assimilation of the GPM-Core DPR reflectivity profiles for Typhoon Halong (2014)
K. Okamoto, K. Aonashi, T. Kubota, and T. Tashima
P2.18An analysis of the forecast performance from UM model for heavy rainfall over the Korean peninsula with rain types classified by AWS rain gauge and lightning data
J. Ryu, B.-J. Sohn, H.-J. Song, Y.-C. Noh, and Y. Kim
P2.19Simultaneous radar and radiometric observation of meteorological elements over the Indian Ocean
R. Sen Jaiswal, M. Punitha, and S. Jeevanandan
P2.20An evaluation of WRF microphysics schemes in simulating the vertical structure of heavy rainfall over the Korean peninsula
H.-J. Song and B.-J. Sohn
P2.21What can we learn on rainfall from SMOS/SMAP Sea Surface Salinity?
A. Supply, J. Boutin, N. Martin, J.-L. Vergely, G. Reverdin, N. Viltard, A. Hasson, S. Marchand, and H. Bellenger
P2.22Application of Satellite Rainfall Estimation for Monitoring Drought over Ethiopia
A. Teshome Game
P2.23Hydrological Risk Assessment combining GPM and SWOT missions: a proof of concept research project over tropical basins in Brazil and West/Central Africa
D. Vila, M. Gosset, R. Paiva, A. Paris, and S. Calmant
P2.24An Observational Study of the Variability of East African rainfall linked to Sea Surface Temperatures and Soil Moisture
C. Wenhaji Ndomeni, E. Cattani, V. Levizzani, and A. Merino Suances
P2.25Gauge - CMORPH Blended Analysis: A Long-Term Record of High-Resolution Daily Precipitation over the Global Land from 1998
P. Xie, and S. Wu
P2.26Dual-polarization C-band Radar Measurements and Characterization of Hail in Finland between 2012 and 2015
J. Tyynelä, A. von Lerber, and J.-P. Tuovinen