Table 2. Summary of publicly available, quasi-operational, quasi-global precipitation estimates that are produced by combining input data from several satellite sensor types. Where appropriate, the algorithms applied to the individual input data sets are mentioned. The TCI is available as a separate product from the Goddard DISC, in addition to the 3G68 compilation. Solid shading indicates a product being released in phases - see site for current availability. [Last updated 10 September 2013, G.J. Huffman]

Input data
Space/time grid
Areal coverage/start date
Update frequency
Producer (Developer) URL
AIRS AIRG2SSD AIRS , AMSU, HSB sounding retrievals Level 2G swath/orbit segments Global/Sept. 2002 Daily 1 day NASA/GSFC GES DISC (Susskind)[1]
AIRS AIRX3STD, AIRX3ST8, AIRX3STM AIRS, AMSU, HSB sounding retrievals 1°/daily, 1°/8-day, 1°/monthly Global/Sept. 2002 Daily, 8-day, monthly 1 day NASA/GSFC GES DISC (Susskind)[1]
CMORPH TMI, AMSR-E, SSM/I, SSMIS, AMSU, MHS, IR vectors 8 km/30-min 50°N-S/1998 Daily 18 hours NOAA/CPC (Xie)[2]
CMORPH V1.0 RAW TMI, AMSR-E, SSM/I, SSMIS, AMSU, MHS, IR vectors 0.25°/3-hourly 50°N-S/1998 Daily 18 hours NOAA/CPC (Xie)[3]
GSMaP-NRT TMI, AMSR-E, SSM/I, SSMIS, AMSU, IR vectors 0.1°/hourly 60°N-S/Oct. 2007 1 hour 4 hours JAXA (Kachi & Kubota)[4]
GSMaP-MWR TMI, AMSR-E, AMSR, SSM/I, IR vectors 0.25°/hourly, daily, monthly 60°N-S/1998-2006 - - JAXA (Aonashi & Kubota)[5]
GSMaP-MVK TMI, AMSR-E, AMSR, SSM/I, SSMIS, AMSU, IR vectors 0.1°/hourly 60°N-S/2000 (currently 2003-2008 data available) Monthly Reprocess now; will become operational JAXA (Ushio)[4]
GSMaP-MVK+ TMI, AMSR-E, AMSR, SSM/I, AMSU, IR vectors 0.1°/hourly 60°N-S/2003-2006 - - JAXA (Ushio)[5]
MPE Meteosat 7, 8, 9, 10 IR and SSM/I, SSMIS MFG: original pixels/30-min Indian Ocean 8°W-122°E, 65°N-S 30-min 10 min EUMETSAT [6]
MSG: original pixels/15-min Europe/Africa 79°W-E, 8165°N-S 15-min 10 min
NRL Real Time SSM/I- & F16/SSMIS-cal IR (Prob.-Matching Method) 0.25°/hourly 40°N-S/ July 2000 Hourly 3 hours NRL Monterey [7]
PERSIANN (TMI, AMSR-E, SSM/I, SSMIS, AMSU, MHS)-cal. IR 0.25°/30-min 60°N-S/ March 2000 Hourly 1 day UC Irvine (Hsu)[8]
PERSIANN-CCS Grid Geo-IR 0.04°/30-min 60°N-S/2003 None 1 hour UC Irvine (Hsu)[9]
PR-OBS-3 SSMIS, AMSU/MHS, MSG-IR 5 km/15 min Europe/Jan 2009 15 min 15 min HSAF (Melfi, Cattani)[10]
PR-OBS-4 SSMIS, AMSU/MHS, MSG-IR 8 km/30 min Europe/Nov 2011 1 hour 3 hours HSAF (Melfi, Laviola)[10]
TCI (3G68) PR, TMI 0.5°/hourly Global - 37°N-S/ Dec. 1997 Daily 4 days NASA/GSFC PPS (Haddad)[11]
TOVS HIRS, MSU sounding retrievals 1°/daily Global/1979-April 2005 Daily 1 month NASA/GSFC 610 (Susskind)[12]
TRMM Real-Time HQ Version 7 (3B40RT) TMI, SSM/I, SSMIS, AMSR-E, AMSU, MHS 0.25°/3-hourly Global - 70°N-S/Mar. 2000 3 hours 9 hours NASA/GSFC PPS (Huffman, Adler)[13]
TRMM Real-Time VAR Version 7 (3B41RT) MW-VAR (IR) 0.25°/hourly Global - 50°N-S/Mar. 2000 1 hour 9 hours NASA/GSFC PPS (Huffman, Adler)[14]
TRMM Real-Time HQVAR Version 7 (3B42RT) HQ, MW-VAR (IR) 0.25°/3-hourly Global - 50°N-S/Mar. 2000 3 hours 9 hours NASA/GSFC PPS (Huffman, Adler)[15]

[7]; Dr. Song Yang
[10] f
[12]; Dr. Joel Susskind