July 2017: ACTRIS-2 Mt. Cimone field campaign

On July 2017 (03-28), a field campaign will take place in the Po Basin to assess the processes affecting the variability of atmospheric absorbing aerosol and their export to the free troposphere. Besides Mt. Cimone, a research infrastructure of ISAC-CNR, two other measurement sites will be involved: S. Pietro Capofiume WMO/GAW Regional Station and ISAC Supersito in Bologna.
Both sites are run by ARPA Emilia Romagna, in collaboration with ISAC-CNR.

The campaign is organised as part of the ACTRIS-2 WP11 "Improving the accuracy of aerosol light absorption determinations".

For more info, please contact Angela Marinoni (a.marinoni -at- isac.cnr.it) or download the experiment description HERE!