Introduction to Solas-Italy

 SOLAS-Italy is a national initiative whose key words are: interdisciplinarity, collaboration, cooperation and sharing of both infrastructures and resources. Today SOLAS-Italy counts about 40 participants from more than 13 Institutions. The first goal is to be able to “speak the same language” between atmospheric and marine scientists going behind the sea-air frontier. We are excited to take on this new frontier-breaking challenge that will increase our knowledge and will give us the unique opportunity to better understand oceanographic and atmospheric processes in a global perspective.

SOLAS National contact: Chiara Santinelli
SOLAS International Steering Committee member: Maria Cristina Facchini


 Solas-Italy  2015-2025  will  focus on  specific core  science topics.


Solas-Italy includes a number of participants from universities and research centers.




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